Kylie Jenner Unveils Her Son's Face and Reveals How to Pronounce his Name

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Kylie Jenner unveiled her son's face and name months after delivery and the "Wolf" scandal. The reality TV-star earlier warned fans that she'd do her baby's face reveal when she was ready and changed his name after another celebrity accused her of stealing their child's unique name.

Aire Makes His Social Media Debut

Jenner posted her boy on Instagram for the first time yesterday with a simple caption writing his name with a white heart. Fans couldn't understand the pronunciation of the toddler's name, so they asked on the internet and the 25-year-old replied.

Fans Debate The Pronunciation Of The Name

Fans argued about the pronunciation when Jenner first posted the picture. Some people likened it to Bueno Aires, while another guessed it was a fancy way of saying, Heir.

One fan noted that Aire is the Spanish word for Air, so there wasn't anything odd about it. The name in Hebrew means "Heart of God."

Jenner Clears The 'Air'

The business mogul said the toddler's name sounds "air" and not "airy" like the "E" at the end of the name suggests. This revelation comes about a week before the Aire turns one on Feb. 2, a day after his older sister, Stormi, turns five.

Jenner Confirms The Pronunciation

Jenner replied to a fan page wondering about the toddler's name's pronunciation, saying it's "Air" when the person asked if it was "Air" or "Airey?"

Making The Name Fit His Personality

Although Jenner gave a different reason for changing Aire's name from "Wolf," it came after another reality TV star said the business mogul copied her idea. Jenner's official excuse was that the name didn't fit Aire's personality as he's a calm child.

The Baby Reveal

Jenner's baby reveal came in four slides showing the mother and child having fun. The cover photo was a mirror selfie, a personal picture of Aire, a shot of Kylie and Aire, and a final, personal picture of Aire.

Friends And Family Share Sweet Words

A Close up of Kylie Jenner smiling
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Jenner's friends and family commented on the posts saying how beautiful Aire was. Khloe called him a young king, Hailey Bieber said he's an angel, his grandmother Kris said she loved him, and SZA called the toddler an Angel.

Growing A Fanbase

Aire's face reveal earned over 19 million likes from Jenner's 379 million followers. He already has many fans.

Breaking Up With Travis Scott

Close up of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott in a split frame
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Jenner and her children's father, Travis Scott, reportedly broke up two weeks ago after getting back together during the quarantine. The 31-year-old and the Kylie Cosmetics founder were seen out and about severally. Hence it was a shocker to hear they broke up again.