Lisa Marie Presley: Final Resting Place Revealed

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Close-up shot of Lisa Marie Presley
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The day of Lisa Marie Presley's final resting place has arrived, and the entire world is mourning. In advance of her memorial ceremony on Sunday, Lisa Marie Presley's tomb has been unveiled at Graceland.

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Finding Rest Beside Her Son And Father

Graceland Burial Site
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In the family's backyard, near her son Benjamin, who committed suicide in July 2020 at 27, the daughter of the late rock and roll legend Elvis Presley will be buried. In addition, her dad, who passed away from a heart attack in 1977, will be across from her.

First Look At Lisa Marie's Sarcophagus

Lisa Marie's Tomb
TMZ | Lisa Marie/ TMZ

TMZ claims pictures from Graceland, where LMP's stone sarcophagus was discovered resting next to Benjamin Keough's, appeared on Saturday. It is constructed of the same material and is of the same design. Her actual gravestone nameplate, however, isn't finished.

Large Crowds Are Anticipated At The Singer's Memorial Service

A tarp is presently covering the plaque that will be placed atop Presley's grave as a precaution.

According to TMZ, large crowds are anticipated to come for the late singer's memorial service, and a stage and hundreds of chairs have been set up in the backyard of the Presley family estate in Memphis.

Flower Arrangements Have Been Made

Flower arrangement in Graceland
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There are now full-fledged improvised tributes outside the gates of Graceland, including one stunning one that says LMP — created in red text with a white heart behind it. Flower arrangements have been progressively erected over the past few days as well.

Her family reportedly plans to gather for a private funeral sometime this weekend. However, It's unknown if it occurred Saturday or today before the public would be allowed inside.

Austin Butler and Others To Pay Final Respect

Austin Butler at the Golden Globes
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Numerous celebrities are speculated to attend, including Austin Butler, who won a Golden Globe for playing Elvis Presley and thanked the Presley family for their dedication to helping him succeed in the role.

Cause Of Death Remains Unknown

Lisa Marie sadly passed away a few days after attending the Golden Globes, even though her death's official reason is still a mystery.

Lost Her Dad Early

Elvis Presley and Family
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Presley, who lost her father when she was nine years old and inherited the Graceland estate at age 25, has previously declared that she despises Graceland's rear yard and the family mausoleum, where Elvis' parents are also interred because they serve as a constant reminder of her impending doom.

Inevitable Doom

Lisa Marie Presley
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“The back lawn of Graceland is a graveyard, basically. How many people have a family grave in the backyard? How many people are reminded of their fate, their mortality, every ... day? All the graves are lined up and there’s a spot there, waiting for me, right next to my grandmother,” She told Playboy in 2003.

Visited Her Father's Grave On His Posthumous 88th Birthday

The singer informed her friend David Kessler, a grieving counselor, that she had "so much to do" on Jan 8 despite her worry that she only had a few years left to live.

Presley, who has made few public appearances since her son's passing, told the cheering crowd, "You are the only people who can bring me out of the house," as the two were visiting the Graceland mansion to commemorate what would have been Elvis' 88th birthday.