Astronaut Legend Buzz Aldrin Ties the Knot on His 93rd Birthday

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buzz aldrin and his wife
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Since he set his foot on the moon in 1963, Buzz Aldrin has been living an extraordinary life. The astronaut is the remaining living member of the crew of the Apollo 11 mission and recently made the headlines because he got married on his 93rd birthday.

Another Lap Around The Sun

aldrin and his wife

Aldrin married Anca Faur in a small ceremony in Los Angeles on Friday, January 20th. Buzz shared pictures of the two of them at the wedding, along with a message that said they were as happy as eloped teenagers.

It Was A Private Ceremony

They Were Filled With Joy

Aldrin and his wife

Buzz was wearing a black suit along with several commemorative and honor batches, while his bride was shining in a white long-sleeved dress. The couple seems full of happiness in the pictures shared by Aldrin.

Buzz Was Thankful For All The Birthday Messages

birthday tweet

The second man on the moon received several congratulations for his wedding, along with several jokes that stated that he "must be over the moon." He later posted another message, thanking everyone for the birthday wishes.

About The Bride

anca faur

Dr. Anca Faur, his longtime love, as he called her, currently works in Buzz Aldrin Ventures as the executive vice president; she has a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in chemical engineering and has been working with Aldrin since 2019. She is 30 years younger than him.

Aldrin's Long List Of Relationships

young buzz aldrin

This is Buzz's fourth marriage. He had three kids, James, Andrew, and Janice, with his first wife, Joan Archer; then he had a three-year marriage with Beverly Van Zile, and after they got divorced was single for over a decade. Later he spent 24 years married to Lois Driggs Cannon until they divorced in 2012.

His Life After NASA

buzz and anca

After the moon landing, Aldrin has gone through several ups and downs. He struggled with depression and alcoholism but has been sober for forty years and recently finished a lengthy legal battle with two of his children; however, he has focused on his job since he retired from NASA in 1971.

One Of The Most Popular Men In America


In 1998, he created ShareSpace Foundation, a non-profit organization, and has written several books about space exploration. He also became a famous personality in the media, was invited to different TV shows, like The Big Bang Theory, and got a character named in his honor, Buzz Lightyear.

Buzz On Mars Colonization

anca and buzz

Buzz Aldrin has been very spoken about his thoughts on the colonization of Mars; he has shared his investigation and said in 2020, "I do believe we can establish permanent habitation on Mars by 2039, and I have a plan to achieve it." Though his statements have been controversial, many scientists agree with him, so there's still a lot to find out.