Alex Reid and Nikki Manashe Are Blessed With Double the Joy!

Ashabi Azeez
Alex Reid and Nikki Manashe
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Alex Reid and Nikki Manashe announce they are expecting twins! The exciting news came up after their seven-year IVF battle and several miscarriages. The couple speaks on the thrilling news and their IVF Journey.

Reid And Manashe Are Expecting Twins!

The ex-MMA fighter and fiancee influencer Nikki Manashe shared they are expecting non-identical twins. The 31-year-old is now 13 weeks pregnant. Manashe was implanted with two embryos. One was from her IVF cycle from when she was pregnant with Anastasia. The other one was a seven-year-old. 

Their IVF Journey

Alex Reid and Nikki Manashe
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Doctors did not know the quality of the seven-year-old embryo so they put both in. To the couple's delight, they were congratulated on expecting twins. Manashe was once told she might not be able to have children and has struggled with fertility.

A 'Beautiful Struggle'

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However, she is now going to be a proud mother of three. Anastasia was a twin too but the other twin was lost during pregnancy. However, these recent twins are both growing and healthy. Manashe described the pregnancy as a 'beautiful struggle.'

About The Couples Struggle With Their IVF Journey

Before the couple started their IVF Journey, Manashe almost died because of an ectopic pregnancy. She had to have her fallopian tube removed. During their IVF journey, Manashe got pregnant but miscarried six times. The influencer shared that she had PTSD and could not leave home.

She Was Diagnosed With An Autoimmune Disease

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All the miscarriages had put her in a dark and sad place. She wanted to give up but encouraged herself to carry on. Manashe then went to Dr. Venkat at Harley Street Fertility Clinic. That was when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. After taking the right meditation, Manashe was able to become a mother. The influencer shared that her first trimester was awful. To carry the babies, she was always on strong steroids and autoimmune suppressant medication. 

Reid Once Shared Hopeful Development In IVF Journey 

Nikki Manashe and her daughter
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In 2020, Reid shared a hopeful development in their IVF journey. He shared that as part of their latest IVF cycle, Manashe had two embryos implanted. He also shared that she was three weeks pregnant. The former MMA fighter said he was nervous, hopeful, and happy about the news. Reid also revealed that that particular round of treatment was tough.

The Immune Treatment Aggravated Her Infertility Issues

Due to the coronavirus, he was unable to be with Manashe. Her immune system had killed their other babies so she was on strong immune suppressant drugs. Reid shared they were not out of the woods yet but were positive. The couple later welcomed their baby girl, Anastasia in 2021. 

Manashe Pens Heartwarming Open Letter To Her Embryos

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During that period, the influencer penned a letter to the embryos inside her. She started the letter with, "To the love of my life that I am yet to hold in my arms." The influencer wrote she was excited that they will be able to finally meet.  She continued that they were her whole world and love. Manashe said that she wanted them to know they were loved and many people were rooting for them.

Inside The Couple's Love Life

She concluded the letter by thanking her embryos for teaching her how to love herself. After dating for a year, Reid and Manashe announced their engagement in 2014. Reid was previously married to Katie Price. He also has a daughter, Dolly, 8, from a past relationship with Chantelle Houghton.