Honoring Damar Hamlin, Buffalo Bills Make Touching Gesture Before Playoff Game

Chisom Ndianefo
Fans wish Damar Hamlin a safe recovery
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It's been several weeks since Damar Hamlin's unfortunate accident left him in the ICU and on oxygen, but his team hasn't forgotten him. A pleasant surprise in honor of the star player awaited his Buffalo Bills teammates in their locker room ahead of their playoffs against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Rafaello & Co. Doing The Lord's Work

The Buffalo Bills received customized "3" pendants on gold chains for each member (80 of them) courtesy of Rafaello & Co.'s Gabriel Jacobs. The chains are 2.5 inches thick with 14 inches, 3 pendants, and a small heart.

Hamlin's Best Quote Engraved In It

An engraving machine
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According to TMZ, the pendants also have an engraving of one of Hamlin's viral quotes and are diamond-encrusted. The quote says,

"If you get a chance to show some love today, do it! It won't cost you nothing."

Expensive Gesture

Gifting eighty people and Hamlin's family diamond-encrusted gold jewelry is a grand and expensive gesture. However, Jacobs said the fans and Hamlin inspired him to do that. The jeweler started by saying the accident could've happened to any of his family members and added that the fans' reaction spurred him into action.

Jacob Paid Tribute To Hamlin The Only Way He Knows How To

As a jeweler, Jacobs knew that the best way to contribute to the outpouring of love for Hamlin was to do what he knew best. He wanted the team to continue honoring Hamlin, 24 while he recovered.

Journey To A Long Recovery

Damar Hamlin on the court
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Further news from the 24-year-old's reps show that the NFL player is recovering well but the journey to good health is still long. He suffered a cardiac arrest last Thanksgiving leading to emergency CPR and transportation to the hospital for surgery on Monday Night Football last November.

On Getting Back At The Game

Football players during a game
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The Buffalo Bills head coach said the safety is training under supervision at the team's facility following his release from the hospital. Hamlin wants to get back to the life he knows and does his best to update fans about his health.

Game Time

He shared a post on Instagram on the first day of his return. Hamlin supported his team, saying it's game time. The post has gathered over 2 million likes and comments from fans wishing the player a quick recovery.

Placed Under Strict Supervision

Pulse and heart rate monitor
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Hamlin still has limitations and requires more medical care, such as the requirement for oxygen and routine heart checks to ensure there are no relapses.

The Support Has Been Tremendous

A lot has been done in Hamlin's honor, and donations to the community toy drive run by the Chasing M's Foundation have reached almost $9 million. Jacob's gesture of support, though, is a record-breaker.