Reunited At Last: Dog Found After Being Swept Away in Flood

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Australian Shepherd
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Losing your beloved pet is unimaginable and unarguably one of the worst situations to be stuck in. This Australian Shepherd got swept away in a flood days ago, causing the owner major panic and discomfort.

The world is, however, whole again as local authorities pulled all the stops to bring this furry beauty back to its owner's arms.

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Australian Shepherd
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A one-year-old California dog named Seamus fell into a flood control basin while walking with the owner and instantly got swept away. We can't imagine how scary it must have been for the dog.

The Incident According To Brill

Seamus's human Brill described the unfortunate incident to KABC.

"The water was going so fast, I think all it took was one paw in the water and he was gone."

Officers Swung Into Action

Using Apple's high-tech air tag, local police searched for Seamus and found him.

Finding Its Way To Safety

Australian Shepherd
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The smart dog also made efforts on its own to aid the search party as he found his way to an access tube nearby, giving firefighters access to him.

A Good Samaritan

Officers revealed they had been stopped by an employee at an RV facility on East Redlands Boulevard, who reported the case of a dog seen floating down a nearby channel and hearing noises.

Keeping Seamus Warm

The search crew then picked Seamus up from the tunnel and carried it to their fire engine to warm him while they made contact with his human.

ID Tag To The Rescue

Apple Airtag
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As luck would have it, Seamus came with an ID tag and an Apple AirTag, which helped the authorities to great lengths to track its owner.

Apple AirTags

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The tech giant began selling AirTags in 2021, and they were designed to be attached to valuable belongings for easy location and identification. The owner of that stuff can track the tag via the "FindMY" app in case it gets missing.

Statement From San Bernardino County Fire Service

The San Bernardino County Fire Service released a statement on Facebook.

"Yesterday San Bernardino crews were dispatched to a public service call for a dog lost in a storm drain. Firefighters quickly made access to the dog, bringing him up the ladder to safety. After assessing the dog he seemed uninjured & in good spirits."

The department confirmed the dog was equipped with the proper means of identification which aided their search.

Brave Firefighters

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The firefighters found the dog lying in a pile of waste at the bottom of the tube. They then used a ladder to bring him up to the surface and assess his body for injuries.

Sweet Reunion

The sweet reunion between the dog and its owner was captured on camera as one firefighter told Brill, "He is one lucky dog, I'll tell you that. He's got some fight in him."

Use A Short Dog Leash

Walking a Dog
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When taking your dog on a walk, make sure to put them on a short dog leash. This will close the distance between you and them and let you catch up should they attempt to run.

Walk In Front Of Your Dog

Walking in front of your dog sends a message to it that you're the pack leader and it'll most likely adhere to your instructions and directions.

What To Do When Your Dog Goes Missing

A Dog
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Take preventive measures like Brill and equip your dog with proper ID tools before taking a walk. Should they eventually get missing, make sure to contact animal control agencies in your town and surrounding areas to begin a quick search.