Utah Mom Uncovers Surprising Family Secret: She Married Her Cousin While Pregnant

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A Utah mom recently revealed a shocking family secret on TikTok. It happens the pregnant mom actually got married to her cousin. The couple and others commented on the shocking discovery. 

A Utah Mom On TikTok Made A Shocking Reveal

A Utah mom and business owner found out she accidentally married her cousin. The discovery came up when the mom was already pregnant with his child. Marcella Hill shared the discovery with her almost 300,000 followers on TikTok.

She Accidentally Married Her Cousin

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The CEO of Love Woolies said that she was doing an online search for names on a genealogy site. She continued that she was going through the names of her family members. They included the names of her grandmother, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandmother.

How She Found Out

During the search, the Wake Her Up author realized something. Hill's husband, Tage, was also next to her on his family search. He pointed out they had the same grandma and grandpa names. They thought they were still logged in on one account. However, they discovered their grandparents were first cousins. 

The Couple Are Actually Third Cousins

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After the shocking discovery online, the couple decided to call their respective grandparents to confirm. After the call, the couple learned their suspicions were correct. They also learned they were third cousins and have the same great-great-grandparents.

She Tried To Confirm From An Older Family Member

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The 42-year-old called her grandpa to see if he knew Tage's grandma and he confirmed it. Tage also called his grandma to see if she knew Hill's grandpa and she confirmed it. Their grandparents had also spent some of their childhood living under the same roof. The couple will be celebrating their wedding anniversary on March 12th.

She And Her Spouse Were Apprehensive

After the discovery was made, Hill shared that she and her husband Googled 'the risks of having a child with your third cousin.' They felt as though they had done something wrong and wanted to confirm.

Hill Made A Research On The New Discovery 

The Google search reassured them that researchers suggest marrying a fourth or third cousin. This was because it is advantageous for reproduction since they kind of have the best of both worlds.

They Won A Couple Prize

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Hill also revealed that she and Tage had formerly won a couple prize. The prize was for 'being the closest related in a neighborhood activity.' The author also added that with the discovery, they can both go to their family reunions at the same time. 

TikTokers React To The Shocking Discovery

Some TikTok users questioned why the couple did not make such a discovery before getting married. One queried how it was not realized during the wedding. Another questioned if their grandparents were not present at the wedding.

More Deliberations On The Situation

In a separate video, Hill responded that they got married at a courthouse after work one Wednesday. However, she questioned that even if they had discovered it at the wedding, what would they do? While some people question the late discovery, some do not see anything wrong with it. Others, on the other hand, thought Hill should have kept the information private. Other TikTok users also shared their experiences of marrying their cousins.