Listen to the Chilling Moment That Led to the Death of Devin Willock

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Devin Willock
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More heartbreaking details about Devin Willock's deadly accident that also led to his death are still coming out. According to audio obtained by news sources, various calls were placed to emergency service by several witnesses at the scene of the accident, and it's really horrifying.

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Multiple Witness Called 911

Devin Willock
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A few minutes after the crash happened on Sunday morning, several witnesses at the scene called 911 to report the urgency of the single-vehicle car wreck. About five separate concerned individuals called from Barnett Shoals Road in Athens, Georgia made the call.

Statement From A Male Caller

A recorded call from a male caller as obtained from TMZ was reported.

“There’s been a horrible accident, there’s arcing wires. There’s people on the floor of the crashed vehicle. We think someone might be dead. I think one person made it out of the vehicle, but there’s someone on the ground.”

Another Witness Account

Car Crash
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An unidentified woman, who lived in a house in front of the accident scene also called the emergency services, reporting that she couldn't get out of her front door to see if anyone was okay.

"It's right in front of my apartment door."

How The Accident Happened

Car Crash
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Witnesses who saw the accident happen in real time confirmed that the car collided with a power pole, then hit another utility pole, slicing it into equal half before finally hitting a tree.

The car then spun round, crashing into another tree on the side where the linesman and LeCroy were seated.

Multiple Transformers Damaged

Another caller informed emergency services that multiple transformers were damaged as a result of the crash.

"All the electricity keeps exploding out here, there’s been three different explosions … oh my god, there’s another one. There’s a major live wire out here. I mean, like, large, loud explosions.”

Asking For First Responders

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One of the callers asked for first responders when they noticed people were underneath the crashed car.

“There’s a power line down. I just saw it explode behind me. There are people underneath it, I’m not sure if they’re ok. You might need first responders.”

Another Witness Thought They Were Gunshots

When the transformers began exploding, a concerned resident called 911 to report "loud bangs and bright lights and everything." The operator assured her it was a car accident and the loud noises were sounds of transformers blowing.

Willock Had No Seat Belt On

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Police had confirmed that the Georgia Bulldogs player was sitting in the back seat with no seat belt when the crash happened. The force caused him to eject from the vehicle forcefully. LeCroy, on the other hand, was strapped with a lap and shoulder restraint and suffered major injuries, which caused her death a few minutes after help arrived.

Other Passengers

Car Crash
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Two other passengers in the car, Warren McClendon, an offensive linesman who sat at the passenger's side with a seat belt, only suffered minor injuries. Victoria Bowles, another staff member in the back seat without a seat belt, is still in critical condition after sustaining multiple injuries.