Actor David Crosby Shares A Post About Heaven Just Before His Passing

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David Crosby's final message on his social media before dying leaves the impression that he saw it coming. The 81-year-old musician famous for his part in the music group The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash battled a serious illness years before finally resting in peace.

Heaven Is Overrated

A day before his wife, Jan Dance, confirmed his death to Variety, Crosby posted a cryptic caption alluding that he knew what was coming. The singer wrote about heaven, saying he heard it's overrated and cloudy. Well, now he knows the truth.

Clapping Back At Haters

Crosby replied to a tweet suggesting that people with tattoos won't make heaven. Since he had several tattoos, the actor rebuffed the google search response saying the place was overrated anyway.

Seeking Privacy To Mourn In Peace

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Meanwhile, Crosby's family is mourning his death, and his survivors, Jan (wife) and Django (son) shared a moving statement for his fans and lovers. They praised his humanity and kind soul, saying it impacted their lives and would remain relevant for years.

A Lasting Legacy

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His wife, Dance, added, "His legacy will continue to live on through his legendary music."

She said the family misses him dearly and asked for privacy to mourn his loss even as fans celebrate the late singer.

Celebrities Pay Tribute Online

David Crosby and Melissa Etheridge on stage
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Fellow celebrities shared heartfelt messages about the late singer from The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson to his ex, Melissa Etheridge with whom he shared two children, and The Doors who praised Crosby for being a Sixties music fixture.

Grateful For The Gift Of Family

Etheridge got emotional with her tribute, saying Crosby gave her the gift of family with her children Beckett and Bailey. She extended her condolences to his other family, Jan, and Django, while thanking them and proving to fans that they had a great co-parenting relationship.

More Inspiring Anecdotes Pour In

David Crosby performing with his guitar
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Everyone Crosby inspired continues to pay tribute on Twitter. They shared pictures and anecdotes of his impact on their lives confirming what Dance said about the late singer leaving a powerful legacy behind.

Read Some Of The Messages Below

Fans praised the singer for standing with Democrats and praising environmentalist, Greta Thunberg in his last days.

His Final Wish

In one of his last interviews, Crosby said the most important thing to him is the impact he leaves on the earth regardless of the time he spent. It's safe to say he did that and more.