Mike, The Situation, 'Super Nervous' To Be Girl Dad: Reveals Baby Is Due Any Day Now!

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino gets ready to welcome baby no.2
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Congratulations to Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and his wife, Lauren Pesce, as their little bundle of joy will arrive soon. While the couple countdown their daughter's birth, Mike has revealed he is anxious about being a girl dad. Here are the details below.

Mike Opens Up About His Family

Mike recently chatted with TooFab to promote the new season of his MTV reality show Jersey Shore Family Vacation. During the chat, the television personality also spoke about when his daughter would join the family.

The Baby Will Arrive Soon

Mike revealed that his daughter could arrive at "any minute," noting that they were in the last week, with the baby due on January 24. According to the reality TV star, The Situation household was on high alert and ready to welcome the new family addition.

Mike Is Nervous About Being A Father Again

A father lifting his baby
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Despite how excited he is to be a father of two, Mike revealed he was a "little nervous." He disclosed to the outlet that he was anxious about bringing another baby into the world because he just wanted to be the best father to his two kids.

Mike Says He's Living His Best Life

Mike further mentioned that he was having the time of his life, just like he had always wanted. In his words:

"I'm living my best life, this is what I've always wanted as an Italian man, to have an Italian family and I have it. But like I said, you are nervous."

Mike's Experience With His First Born

Baby in an incubator
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The Jersey Shore star also confessed that the experience of bringing his first child and son, Romeo, into the world played a role in the anxiety he was feeling. Mike explained that Romeo spent two weeks in the NICU when he was born.

It Was Traumatic For Mike And Lauren

According to the star, it was traumatic for him and his wife. The couple didn't know the problem for those two weeks, but Mike said they stayed together in faith, and eventually, it all worked out.

Mike And Lauren Are Ready

Now, nearly two years after the arrival of his firstborn, Mike said he and Lauren were going back in one more time. Although they are excited about meeting their little girl, Mike said he and his wife are also ready for anything that could happen.

Mike Is Nervous About Being A Girl Dad

The dad of one went ahead to admit he was "super nervous" about being a girl dad. Mike said he didn't know why he was anxious, but it was probably because they were expecting a girl. He added that "the boy was definitely easier."

Mike Only Hopes For A Healthy Baby

Baby yawning
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Mike said many had already informed him he would melt, but he was ready to welcome such a different type of experience. Overall, he prays and hopes for a healthy baby girl.