Dennis The Menace Cartoonist David Sutherland Passes Away at 89

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David Sutherland
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Famous cartoonist David Sutherland who created some of the UK's most popular and loved comic figures, has passed on. The 89-year-old made our childhood memories with his brilliant illustrations and colorful expressions.

He drew his final comic strip at the end of 2022, which will now appear in next week's issue of Beano on Wednesday.

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David Sutherland

David Sutherland
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The 89-year-old's passing was announced on Thursday by the Dundee-based DC Thomson where he worked as a cartoonist.

Tributes For Sutherland

Since the announcement of his passing, tributes have been pouring in for the talented cartoonist.

John Anderson

David Sutherland
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Beano editor John Anderson is the first to lead the pack of tributes as he described the late Sutherland as a very important person in the history of illustration and animated drawing. He called Sutherland the single most important illustrator in Beano history.

Unbeatable Record

Anderson continued in his tribute stating that Sutherland's record is hard to beat and described him as a legend.

"No one will ever repeat what David achieved over 60 years. He was one of a kind, a genuine legend."

End Of An Era

Anderson rounded up his tribute by calling Sutherland's death the "end of an era."

Word From Margaret

Sutherland's wife, Margaret revealed her husband only stopped drawing when he fell sick last month. You've got to love his level of dedication to his craft! No wonder he has such a stellar record.

Drawing Was His Life

David Sutherland
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She continued by stating that drawing is a huge part of Sutherland's life which made years seem to go by quite quickly.

"Drawing was his life, it made us forget the age he was. He was getting older, but we never noticed it."

A Master At His Work

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She revealed he just kept doing what he knew best without stopping, and editors also remained happy with his work.

Nigel Parkinson

The current Dennis & Gnasher illustrator, Nigel Parkinson, paid his own tribute to the cartoonist, saying that everyone adored Sutherland's creations.

"The nation and it's children and grandchildren and great grandchildren have all loved David Sutherland's joyous, happy, teeming-with-life hilarious drawings nearly every single week in Beano for 60 years."

David's Impact

Parkinson continued that Sutherland has touched people's hearts, tickled funny bones, and amused the sight of millions worldwide.

New Year's Honor's List

The late artist made this year's New Year Honors list and was made an OBE for his meritorious and significant service to the world of illustration.

David Sutherland On His Award

Sutherland expressed his surprise at how far his journey as a cartoonist has gone after receiving his award.

"When I entered the DC Thomson art competition more than 60 years ago, I couldn't have guessed where it might lead. I've been so lucky to be able to do something I love for a living, and work with so many talented writers whose words have helped bring these characters to life."

Journey With DC Thomson

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His journey with DC Thomson began in 1959 when he got into a drawing competition organized by the Dundee-based company. While he didn't win, his entry made it far, and he was offered a slot to illustrate adventure strips for the comic.

The chairman of DC Thomson, Christopher Thomson, described Sutherland as a "tremendously talented artist and creative."

David Sutherland's Background

The late artist was born in Invergordon in the Highlands in 1933 and was the youngest of three children. He lost his mother at the tender age of 2 and moved to Stirling with his dad and siblings.

His family moved to Kirkintilloch near Glasgow after that, where Sutherland finally joined Rex Studios, learned about art and illustration, and attended evening classes at Glasgow School of Art before resuming work at DC Thomson.