Woman Opens Up About The Downsides Of Being Gorgeous

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Shye discusses pretty women privileges
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For a while, the Pretty Privilege hashtag has been trending on TikTok, with many netizens saying being pretty has more advantages than disadvantages. However, popular content creator Shye Lee thinks otherwise. Recently, she went viral after detailing the cons of being a pretty woman, adding that her beauty was a curse. Find out the details below.

Shye Picks A Different Stance

Shye, a Puerto Rican beauty, has made it her mission to debunk the idea that physically attractive people receive better treatment. In a viral TikTok video, the content creator highlighted the disadvantages of being pretty.

Shye Lists The Basic Pros Of Being Pretty

Shye began by noting that the pretty girl privilege was one of the dumbest things ever. Next, she listed some basic privileges like getting free drinks and free entries, ending up in a VIP section, and attracting a rich guy like a rapper or an athlete.

Shye Doesn't Think The Pros Are Glamorous Perks

The TikToker explained that she felt concerned for ladies who believed the above-mentioned privileges were glamorous perks. Then, she proceeded to break down the downsides of being an attractive woman.

Pretty Women Are At Risk Of Being Kidnapped

Firstly, Shye said pretty women had higher chances of getting abducted or dying. According to her, if a woman were a little more attractive than others, she would have more eyes on her, increasing her chances of getting kidnapped.

Pretty Women Are Seen As Unintelligent

Secondly, Shye pointed out that it was difficult for people to take pretty women seriously at their jobs. She further revealed many people, by default, believed attractive women were incapable of understanding and that anything related to being educated would be far from them.

Shye Recalls A Disappointing Experience

Next, the content creator delved into the business side of life. Shye recalled when she reached out to a doctor to help him with his social media, but his response was terrible. According to Shye, the doctor asked her to come for an exam with a winky face emoji.

Pretty Women Get Screwed Over

The raving beauty further detailed how her looks affected her friendships with others before noting that people would often screw her over because they knew she would end up "looking like the mean one anyways."

Shye Gets Envied And Receives Unwanted Attention From Men

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Shye then added she was subjected to envy from other women because she received more attention than them. In addition, her beauty attracted unwanted advances from creepy men, which always made her uncomfortable.

Shye Can't Understand The Pros Of Being Pretty

The TikToker concluded her clip by explaining that pretty women went through trauma because of the so-called "privilege," adding, "So I don't know. I'm patiently waiting to understand what is this privilege?"

Netizens Oppose Shye's Thoughts

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Shortly after Shye uploaded the video, netizens trooped to the comments section to air their thoughts. Some users disagreed with the content creator, noting that the world treated attractive people better than those who were unattractive.

More Opposing Thoughts

Opposing thoughts from TikTokers
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One TikToker even confessed she got a job she wanted because she had a pretty face, adding that it was really cool. Another user recalled being replaced with another lady at a training because the latter was prettier.

Other Users Support Shye

TikTokers support Shye
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On the other hand, some netizens agreed with Shye. According to one TikTok user, being pretty made it difficult to make more female friends, while another netizen recalled a time she received a scary and unpleasant advance from a client while working in a spa.

Being Pretty Affects Female Friendships

Besides opening up about the cons of being pretty on TikTok, Shye also spoke to The New York Post about it. She noted that having attractive looks was a curse, further revealing she once had a fallout with a close friend because the latter constantly made negative comments out of jealousy and insecurities.

Shye Has To Make Lifestyle Changes

Shye says being pretty has made her drastically change her lifestyle to avoid unwanted attention. She now has to think about every picture she posts on social media and make other decisions, which is tiring.