Whoops! Woman Just Admitted to Not Washing Her Pajamas Every Night

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Over time, how often people wash their pajamas has always been a topic of discussion, as there are tons of views on the issue. However, it is common knowledge that undergarments (such as socks and underwear) should be washed after each use since pajamas are typically worn inside. After a shower, it seems unnecessary to do so.

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How Often Should You Wash Your Pajamas?

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However, experts have weighed in on the matter as well, with Chris Albers, director of Carbona, advising that;

"Since you're spending an average of seven to eight hours per night sleeping in your pajamas, you should launder them as frequently as you would your traditional daytime garments."

A Shocking Discovery

That is not the case for Allison Delperdang, who has started a debate on Tiktok after she shared a shocking discovery about how she never washes her pajamas after every wear.

Her Parents Made Her Do It

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The video's maker, Allison Delperdang, alleged that her parents forced her to wear her pajamas numerous nights without washing them since they weren't dirty. She questioned whether doing so as an adult is appropriate in society.

A TikTok Argument

Getting Attention

Since it was published last week, the 29-second film has received 799,000 views and over 5,000 comments.

Allison Needs To Know

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Before displaying her beige, buttoned-up onesie, Delperdang says in the video;

"I need to know if people wear pajamas, like, multiple nights in a row."

Delperdang continued,

"I've worn these, like, three nights in a row." So, I want to know if we still do it as adults, we’re still doing that, or should I be literally making dirty clothes every single night?”

Not A Standard Practice

There are many opinions on the subject above debate, as we have already discussed. Therefore, Allison's pajama habit is entirely normal. However, Tiktokers beg to vary.

People Switch Pajamas Daily

Because while some individuals indeed switch out their pajamas every night, some appeared a little appalled that Allison didn't.

Filling Her Comments With Advice

Of course, the video amassed so much attention and trust in Tiktokers to do what they do best, and express themselves fully and they did just that in the comments.

TikTok Reactions

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One user remarked,

“Never, always fresh every night, Also only use a towel once. Same with my kids.”

One more concurred,

“Nope, new ones every night! Same as showering daily and using different clothes daily including jeans.”

And one commentator said,

"I have allergies, and I now sweat in my sleep, no matter how cold it is. Clean pjs every night.”

More Debate On Tiktok

While some tiktoker have expressed disgust over wearing pajamas more than once before washing, some others have seemed to agree with Allison:

"👋🏽 here lol I dont have enough pjs to be wearing a new pair each night and the washing 🤦🏽‍♀️no thnx" "i wear them for a week straight - unless i was sweating a lot due to fever or in summer 😅" "Unless they're sweaty and/or dirty, absolutely yes. It's wasteful to change them every day!"

Do People Wear Pajamas

While the debate gets heated in the comments, some Tiktokers are oblivious to what pajamas are:

"People wear pajamas?😆😆"

The Importance Of Washing Your Pajamas

Overall, washing pajamas should be done between a day and a week. What is the cause of the occurrence? Your skin rubs against your sleepwear as you sleep, spreading dead skin cells to the material.

Washing Your Pajamas Helps Prevent Bacterial Growth

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Even if your pajamas still have some freshness, this hidden bacterial growth can cause skin issues like body acne and infected cuts. You might also feel a little yucky when you wake up, which is never a pleasant way to start the day.