Caroline Bullock Slams Madonna and Her New World Tour: ‘Just Sad and Gross’

Chisom Ndianefo
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Hollywood is glamorous from the outside looking in but the celebrities involved know it's not all roses and pearls. Madonna, 64, is a pop icon renowned for pushing the envelope and birthing several generations of women (and men) in the spotlight owning their sexualities.

Hollywood Is An Unforgiving Place

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However, Hollywood, a vain industry, required the aging star to work twice as hard as people half her age to remain relevant. Madonna has never had a problem in that department thanks to her playful personality, but every trend she jumps on elicits insults from her peers.

An Advice For The Pop Icon

Journalist Caroline Bullock ripped the Hung Up singer a new one in an editorial piece for The Daily Mail. Like many of Madonna's fans, the journalist is fed up with her antics and worries that the singer would ruin her legacy if she continues on this part.

Everything That's Wrong With Madonna

Bullock's first problem with the star is her choice of clothing and Instagram posts. Madonna isn't scared of going nude or showing lots of skin and leaving little to the imagination, but her fans don't want that.

Last year, she got into a heated argument with 50 Cent after he mocked her for sharing suggestive pictures on the 'Gram. The icon deleted it all to start her new era.

Celebrating 40 Years Of Relevance

The final straw for Bullock was Madonna's World Tour announcement featuring multiple stars across (from A-listers to Z-listers) and some very disturbing interactions. In one of the shots, the Lollipop rapper Lil Wayne cupped her breasts while she tongue-kissed Jack Black.

Why Madonna Should Switch Tactics

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While Bullock admits that sex appeal and pushing the envelope are Madonna's things, she wants the superstar to hang it up. Unfortunately, what fans want, they don't always get with their favorite celebrities, and Madonna isn't giving up her sexiness because she's "old."

Can't Undo Her Legacy

The Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera threeway kiss
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We're talking about the woman who kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on stage in front of a live audience at a time when same-sex relationships weren't as publicly displayed. Last year, she celebrated the 30th anniversary of her innovative book, SEX, and with this World Tour, she's about to remind everyone why she's queen.

Fear Of The Unknown

There's a small problem, though - Bullock is worried Madonna would revert to her youthful ways and do something outrageous like strip on stage. After all, she's already dressing like a young lady again in bondage suits and wearing colors in her hair.

The Difference Between Then And Now

Madonna dancing in a black lingerie
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Bullock drew a parallel between Madonna then, and now saying what was once inspiring and daring now seems "reactive and desperate."

Madonna Would Always Be An Icon

Bullock wants Madonna to remember she's an icon and create trends instead of following them. We'll see how she does during her world tour.