Simon Cowell, 63, Confidently Claimed He's 'Aging Quite Well'

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Close-up shot of Simon Cowell
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Simon Cowell, 63, believed he'd age well about 15 years ago and ensured everyone around him knew it. The reality TV show judge is infamous for his scathing remarks on contestants and one comment is making headlines again.

The Infamous Interview Resurfacing

Cowell said during a 2007 interview that he was ageing well (at 48) unlike his interviewer, Jeremy Clarkson, (then 47). The America's Got Talent judge mocked Clarkson for needing Botox and a facelift at that age and said he didn't.

Aging Like Milk

Simon Cowell at the premiere of X Factor some years ago
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The famous TV judge believed he'd last long in television because of his looks but 15 years later, fans are pointing out how that statement "aged like milk."

Losing His Good Looks

Cowell doesn't have the charming looks of his youth and early adulthood, and fans happily remind him of this. They took to Twitter to poke fun at his looks, saying he's had multiple plastic surgeries.

Where's The Real Simon?

There's a running joke that Cowell is a clone of himself, and the real one is hidden somewhere or dead. Side-by-Side shots have fans with their jaws on the floor as Cowell is unrecognizable.

He Got Fillers

Close up of Simon Cowell in a crowd
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Cowell admitted to getting fillers in his face after his infamous back-and-forth with Clarkson. However, the TV judge said those days are behind him as he regrets overdoing the Botox fillers. Cowell said he removed them recently.

Cowell's Appearance Causes Chatter

The conversation on Cowell's appearance sparked again following his appearance on the Royal Variety Stage for British Got Talent. He mounted the stage to present the winner, Axel Blake, but everyone focused on his appearance instead of the message.

Facing Legal Troubles Again

X-Factor Contestants
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People wouldn't care if Cowell were nicer in his youth, but his many unprovoked scathing comments are coming back to bite him. Alongside online hazing, the TV judge is the subject of a lawsuit by former X-Factor competitor Katie Waissel.

Waissel Filed A Civil Suit

Close up of Katie Waissel
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Waissel is suing the X Factor judge in a civil case of personal injury for his breach of Duty of Care during her time on the show.

Fans are pleased with the announcement as they believe it's retribution for his past transgressions.

Changing For The Better?

Simon Cowell waves at fans outside the X Factor studio
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The TV show judge isn't as harsh as he was fifteen years ago, but people can't get over who he used to be. There haven't been many bullying accusations in recent years, so that might indicate change.