Julian Sands, 65, Is Missing In Extremely Dangerous California Weather

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Close up of Julian Sands
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Warlock actor Julian Sands is reportedly missing after taking a hike on a California mountain in extremely dangerous weather. Family and friends last saw the actor on Friday, Jan. 13, in the Baldy Bowl on his way to the San Gabriel Mountains.

The Search Begins

A drone scouting a forest
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After 24 hours of his missing, they filed officially with the authorities, who immediately sent out a search party. They scouted the mountains over the weekend, but the impending avalanche stalled the foot search, so the team reverted to using helicopters and drones.

Family And Friends Speak Out

Sands' family and friends are still hoping for his rescue almost one week later. Some of them took to social media to announce the search for his whereabouts saying,

President Biden Warns Californians Of A Weather Disaster

A person hiking on a mountain
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The New York Times confirmed that Sands is one of two missing hikers trapped in the California mountains. President Joe Biden addressed the country on the worsening weather in California earlier in the year while warning people to stay indoors where it's safe.

There Are Already Casualties

The California storm in the past few weeks has taken several lives and injured even more people. The hikers on San Antonio Mountain especially suffered mostly from the bad weather, and the authorities advised that they avoid it in the meantime.

Search To Continue Later

Close up of Julian Sands
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Despite the poor weather halting the search, the Sheriff's department of San Bernardino County promised to resume once the weather clears. Per BBC, a mother of four children renowned for her hiking abilities slid and fell from 500ft of the infamous mountain.

Movie Resume

Sands is famous for his role in the 1980s movie, A Room with a View and Warlock. His last movie appearances were Direct-to-Video in 2021, and he doesn't have anything scheduled for release this year or the next.

There's Hope Of His Living Status

While it's unfortunate, weather analysts warn California residents to avoid the mountains for now. New developments in the case said the rescue team found Sands' car near the mountain's foot, and he's not part of the two people found dead from hiking that trail this month.

Two California Hikers Are Dead

People hiking a trail
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The California search and rescue department already save 14 hikers this month and in the last week of December 2022. Two rescued people died from freezing as the storm wasn't letting up, and avalanches were building.

Sheriff's Office Message Is Clear - Stay Away!

A Sheriff Patrol vehicle
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The Sheriff's department said,

"...The most skilled hiker will find themselves in trouble just because it's too icy and the weather plays a big factor in whether we can deploy resources."