Watch As 67-Year-Old Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Heckler Calling Her ‘Old Broad’

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Whoopi Goldberg had the ideal retort for a fan who tried to make her feel bad, but the crowd was astounded by the legendary actress's response, as was undoubtedly the fan who nicknamed her "Old Broad." This has got to be our favorite clap-back reaction of all time, so Whoopi, we're taking lessons effective today!

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Old Broad

The moderator of The View, an ABC chat show, began the Jan. 18 broadcast by addressing a heckler who allegedly labeled her an "old broad" live on television. At the beginning of the program, Goldberg was settling in at The View table when she heard a voice in the crowd yell at her.

Whoopi is Happy About It

"Did you really just call me a broad? Yeah?”

As The View moved to a crowd image featuring the heckler, a woman wearing a big fur hat, Goldberg asked the audience member. "You old broad," she began, and she said,

"Hey, it's Wednesday, and I'm an old broad, and I'm happy about it."

They All Aspire To Get Old

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The argument broke out as the five hosts—Goldberg, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, and Alyssa Farah Griffin—took their seats at the beginning of the program. Hostin added his perspective, saying that becoming older is preferable to passing away.

The alternative is unappealing to any of us, Goldberg continued, "We all want to be old broads and old dudes, you know?"

Keeping Her Look Simple Yet Chic

Whoopi Goldberg
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Whoopi wore a limited edition DAP GAP zip-up hoodie from the company's partnership with Dapper Dan, featuring a green and navy blue plaid pattern. As she took her to sit as part of the show's panelists, she added a pair of sharp white sneakers and form-fitting dark slacks.

She rocked her chest-length signature locks of hair which was parted down the middle and fell in a long bob.

Whoopi Has Always Dealt With Criticism

This is not the first time the actress is receiving criticism. When someone criticized Goldberg's appearance back in October, she responded by using The View. In one instance, a review of the film Till asserted that Goldberg portrayed Alma Carthan, Mamie Till's mother, and Emmett's grandmother, by dressing obese.

Good News For Whoopi's Fans

Whoopi Goldberg in sister act
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Fortunately for Whoopi's supporters, Earlier this month, Whoopi, who will appear in the third Sister Act movie after 30 years, asked her old co-star, Dame Maggie Smith, to take on the same role.

Whoopi Wants Maggie On 'Sister Act 3'

When speaking about the next movie, the actress and TV personality said that Maggie playing Mother Superior is the only person she can "just do it" with.

Whoopi was questioned by Judi Love of Loose Women about the third film's intentions, which Disney+ stated will arrive in 2020.

Keeping The Plot Info Lip Sealed

During the interview, Goldberg kept Sister Act 3's plot secret. However, she mentioned that the movie is attempting to secure a director. Because Tom Federle was previously attached, Goldberg's comment about attempting to lock up a director is a recent development.

Characters To Look Out For In 'Sister Act 3'

A scene from 'Sister Act'

Smith does not appear to have formally joined the project yet, but Sister Act fans may anticipate seeing other well-known characters from the series. Currently, Sister Mary Robert (Makkena), Sister Mary Patrick (Najimy), and Jenifer Lewis are anticipated to reprise their roles.