Woman To Appear in Court After Leaving Her Boyfriend Inside a Suitcase To Die

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Sarah being led into custody
Orange County Sheriff's Office | Orange County Sheriff's Office

A few years ago, Sarah Boone made the headlines after leaving her boyfriend to die inside a suitcase. Now, she is set to reappear before a judge after facing second-degree murder charges. See the details of the intriguing story below.

Jorge Torres Found Dead 

In February 2020, authorities responded to a call from Sarah from her Winter Park home in Florida claiming her boyfriend Jorge Torres was dead. Upon arrival at the location, she opened up to the dispatchers about the cause of the man's death.

Sarah Narrates What Allegedly Transpired

According to Sarah, she and Jorge had been drinking the previous night and agreed it would be hilarious if the latter got into a suitcase during a game of hide and seek.

Sarah Zips Her Boyfriend In A Suitcase

A suitcase
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Unknown to Jorge, what began as a fun game would lead to his demise. Sarah reportedly admitted that as soon as her boyfriend entered the suitcase, she zipped it.

Sarah Allegedly Falls Asleep Afterward

Afterward, the culprit claimed she went upstairs and fell asleep. Sarah disclosed that she had nothing to worry about as she believed Jorge could get himself out.

Sarah Was Certain Jorge Was Okay

Sarah slept for hours and woke up the following morning, still unbothered. According to her, she assumed her man was already downstairs on his laptop, looking for employment.

Sarah Recalls She And Jorge's Last Moments

However, Sarah claimed she went downstairs at about 11 am, and Jorge was nowhere to be found. Then, she freaked out and recalled seeing her boyfriend for the last time when she zipped him inside the blue suitcase.

Sarah Calls 911

Next, she went to the suitcase, unzipped it, and found a lifeless Jorge inside. Then, she called 911. Respondents discovered the victim with a cut on his lip, bruising around his eye, forehead, and shoulder, and nail scratches on his back and neck.

Opposing Evidence Discovered

Initially, Sarah's story seemed reasonable, but further findings would reveal her claims were false. The defendant gave verbal and written consent to the detective to search her phone, leading to the discovery of two videos.

Video Shows Jorge Yelling For Help 

The first clip, which lasted for about two minutes, showed a zipped-up Jorge yelling for help as he couldn't breathe. However, Sarah was adamant despite his pleas, telling him while laughing that her decision to leave him zipped up was for everything he had done to her.

Sarah Remains Adamant

Still, Jorge yelled out his girlfriend's name, telling her he couldn't breathe, but Sarah insisted she felt the same way when Jorge choked and cheated on her, further telling him to be quiet.

The Yelling Continues

The second video, with a duration of 22 seconds, showed the suitcase in a different position, this time facing upward. Next, Jorge called out his girlfriend's name before she stopped recording.

Sarah Changes Her Statement

After seeing the videos, which Sarah admitted looked bad, she allegedly contradicted her initial statement to the police, blaming the incident on her and her boyfriend's alcohol consumption.

Sarah Is Taken Into Custody

However, Sarah was taken into custody by the Orange County Sheriff's office. Reports revealed she was charged with second-degree murder and was expected to appear in court on January 17, 2023.

New Trial Date Revealed

But on that day, a judge rescheduled the date, moving it some days further. Now, Sarah is due to reappear in court for a pretrial on January 30. In the end, Sarah will be behind bars for a long time if found guilty.

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