Michael Lockwood on Life After Lisa Marie’s Passing and Raising Their Twins

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Lockwood
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Since the news of Lisa Marie Presley's death broke on the internet, many stars and celebrities have aired their thoughts and paid tribute to the singer. Recently, Lisa's ex-husband Michael Lockwood joined the list as he released a statement regarding his former partner's demise. Find out more below.

Lisa's Family Is Reeling From Her Demise

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Michael and his family are feeling the pain of Lisa's demise, which he made known in a recent statement to People. The American guitarist revealed he and his twin daughters Harper and Finley were "reeling" from Lisa's sudden death.

Michael And His Daughters Were Unprepared

According to the father of two, nothing prepared him and his daughters for such an unexpected and incomprehensible tragedy. Michael further explained that his topmost priority following his ex-wife's death was taking good care of the twins.

Michael's Top Priority Is His Kids

The doting dad said he would ensure Harper and Finley felt loved and safe at every point. The grieving musician added that his girls had incredible spirits and would carry on the family's legacy for the rest of their lives.

Michael Speaks More About His Girls

Michael also declared his devotion to the twins, noting that they had been a source of profound joy since their arrival. To round up the statement, he asked the public for privacy as his family tried to wrap their heads around the difficult loss.

Details Of Lisa's Death

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On January 12, 2023, first responders were called to Lisa's home in Calabasas, California, after she went into full cardiac arrest. Upon arrival, they performed CPR before rushing the singer to the singer. Unfortunately, Lisa died shortly after.

Who Will Get Custody Of The Girls?

Since Lisa's demise, the topic of child custody has been up for discussion. Recently, Entertainment Lawyer Mitra Ahourian revealed Michael would likely get full custody of Finley and Harper, as he is their biological father.

Lawyer Believes Court Will Support Michael

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Mitra also pointed out that Danny Keough, who shared two other kids with Lisa, stood a chance because he was in the same home with the late singer as a stepfather to the twins. However, Mitra believed the court would rule in Michael's favor.

Lawyer Believes The Biological Parent Should Have Full Custody

According to him, there was a high possibility that the court would consider the fact that a biological parent should have 100 percent custody and the ability to make all the important decisions in their children's lives, like where they should school and live.

Michael Will Fight For His Daughters

Meanwhile, until the court decides otherwise, reports reveal Michael has legal and physical custody of his girls. Undoubtedly, the doting father will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.