Bryan Kohberger: The Alleged Murderer Who Contacted One of His Victims on Instagram

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Murder Scene
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A new report claims that before the killings, the man suspected of fatally stabbing four University of Idaho students reached out to one of the victims several times on Instagram.

Persistently Messaging One Of The Victims

Bryan Kohberger
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An unnamed source of the investigation told People that Bryan Kohberger, detained last month in connection with the killings, had persistently messaged one of the victims on Instagram just two weeks before the murders on November 13.

Sending Texts And Not Getting a Response

According to the source, an account believed to belong to Bryan Kohberger sent a greeting to one of the female victims in late October. He sent her a few more texts after not receiving a response.

"He slid into one of the girls' DMs multiple times, but she didn't answer." "He was just asking, "Hey, how are you?"

Four Students Stabbed In Idaho

The four student killed by Bryan
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On November 13, four people—Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin—were fatally stabbed at a Moscow, Idaho, rental house. The four pupils were slain with a fixed-blade knife by a masked attacker who broke into the house.

Involved In Burglary

The 28-year-old graduate student and teaching assistant at Washington State University were detained by authorities more than a month later. In addition to one allegation of criminal burglary, he was accused of four charges of murder.

He Consented To Return To Idaho

Bryan Kohberger in the court room
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On December 30, Kohberger was detained at the Pennsylvania home of his parents. He freely consented to return to Idaho to face his accusations when he waived extradition there. On January 4, he was returned to Idaho by vehicle.

There Was A Witness

A roommate of one of the still-alive victims allegedly witnessed the murderer, according to the probable cause document that PEOPLE obtained. According to the roommate's description, a "person clad in black attire and a mask" went by her as the offender departed the crime scene.

Kohberger was allegedly connected to the crime scene via DNA and cell phone pings, according to the affidavit.

Authorities Aren't Saying Much About The Reason For Attack

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Regarding the alleged reason for the attack, authorities have remained mum. The interaction between Kohberger and the victims has not been exposed to the public. Although there was no public interaction, Kohberger's now-deleted Instagram account followed the accounts of Mogen, Gonclaves, and Kernodle, which PEOPLE had access to before it was deleted.

The Victim May Have Missed His Message

Kohberger's failure to receive a reply to his messages is unknown, but according to the authorities, the victim may have completely missed them.

“She may not have seen them, because they went into message requests,”

Could It Be Incel Complex?

Kohberger's persistent efforts to find his alleged victim might indicate his "incel complex," according to a veteran FBI inspector.

Bryan Is Described As Troublesome By His Classmates

Former classmates have characterized the suspect as a troublesome young guy who frequently caused resentment at school.

Why Did He Do It?

Security analyst Pete Yachmetz recently said in an interview with The Post that the killings "may have been... an effort to demonstrate some form of dominance."

What The Security Expert Thinks

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“I believe a continued stabbing of a victim indicates … an uncontrollable rage and extreme anger … I think he may have developed a sort of incel complex.”

What Bryan Has Been Charged With

Four counts of first-degree murder and one count of criminal burglary have been brought against the suspect.

His Next Hearing

The date of Kohberger's preliminary status hearing has been set for June 26.

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