Life Coach Says Pretending To Be ‘Low Maintenance’ in Dating Is a Recipe for Marriage Disaster

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TikTok Life Coach Michelle Diaz
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A TikTok life coach recently talked about women who pretend to be low-maintenance during dating. The Tiktoker explained why such women would end up getting the barest minimum in their marriages. A lot of TikTok users seem to agree with the life coach. 

TikTok Life Coach Shared Her Two Cents On The 'Low Maintenance' Strategy

Michelle Diaz from the US is a life coach who uses her TikTok account, @bymichellediaz to advise women. The life coach recently did a video in response to a video of another TikTok user. The Tiktoker was a woman in her thirties complaining of not getting princess treatment from her husband. This was because she pretended to be low maintenance when they were dating.

Diaz Says Being 'A Cool Girl' Never Works In Relationships

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Diaz uploaded a video telling women that playing the 'cool girl' never works. She said that girls thought it was glamorous to act low maintenance. However, it all comes from the fear of being abandoned.

Who Is A 'Cool Girl?'

A 'cool girl' is a girlfriend who is understanding and hot. They also never ask for much from their partners due to the fear of coming off as too girly or needy.

TikTok Users Weighed In On The 'Cool Girl' Theory

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TikTok users agreed with Diaz on the note that acting like the 'cool girl' never pays. A TikTok user shared that they wanted to be treated like a princess, however, they are too proud to accept it. Diaz responded that the user was not proud but instead felt they did not deserve it.

Many Shared Their Experiences

Another user shared that they tried to be low maintenance but their boyfriend took advantage of it. A TikToker also wrote that they were like that but after discussing with their partner, the princess treatment started. One wrote that although they need to stop settling for the bare minimum, they also had to work on themselves too.

Repercussions Of Pretending To Be A 'Cool Girl'

According to Daily Mail, Diaz was sure to mention the repercussions that come with pretending to be low maintenance at the start of a relationship. She said that most women believe their partners will fall in love with them more if they act like cool girls.

Misconceptions About Being A Cool Girl

They also believed they would then be able to set high standards. However, Diaz said instead, the cool girl would be the one to fall deeper in love and end up settling for the bare minimum. The life coach explained that women do that "Because they are afraid of being abandoned." She added that some women feel they do not deserve the princess treatment. However, men will "lose respect" if women do not set high standards from the beginning. 

How To Practice Diaz's Lucky Girl Syndrome

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The life coach shared she was in a relationship with a loving and generous man. Diaz said she followed her own advice and believes in the 'lucky girl syndrome.'

How The Lucky Girl Syndrome Works

The syndrome is like a manifestation technique. If one believes good things are coming their way and they are lucky, then it would be so. Diaz also gave dating tips. They include practicing the lucky girl syndrome and setting the standards you expect in a relationship from the start. Also, being highly selective in your relationships and only dating established men, is another 'lucky girl syndrome' practice.