New Hair Hack In Town! Even Hairdresser Approves Of This 'Genius' Idea

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Hair hacks are common among hair lovers on and off social media, from tested and trusted tips like using rice water to grow your hair or using honey and egg mask to soften and strengthen those stubborn strands. A new invention is in town that you may want to add to your list, and it involves a very common kitchen item we'll tell you about if you...

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TikTok's Where It's Going Down

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TikTok account @foxcraftcustom is changing the world one hack after another. The video shows a curly-haired Liz using a pasta sieve to dry her hair and accompanying it with the caption, "I can't tell the difference between genius and crazy anymore lol."

Perfect Curls Exist

Curly Hair
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As she released the strainer from her hair, the perfect, most bouncy, and healthy curls you've ever seen made their debut.

Liz Is Stunned

Curly Hair
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The woman accompanied the discovery with, "Just found out my paste strainer is better at diffusing my waves than my diffuser." You bet it is!

Enter Kelly Vowles

Now that this hack has gone viral and loads of women want to jump on it, hairdresser Kelly Vowles, a specialist in curly hair things, is dropping her 2 cents.

Been Down That Road

Apparently, Vowles has tried this really old hack multiple times in the past according to her statement to the mirror

Vowles Statement

According to the pro hair stylist, she kept a sieve in her salon when she started working with clients who had curly hair.

"When I started working with curly hair, I actually used to keep a sieve in the hair salon and use it to diffuse hair with.

A Diffuser May Be Better

However, Vowles admitted she preferred an actual diffuser because it gives a better and uniform result.

They Both Perform Basic Function

Curly Hair
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According to the curly hair specialist, the diffuser and sieve perform the same task: breaking up airflow to evenly enter the curls.

Perfect For Beginners

Curl Hair
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The Pixal-Rose Hair Design expert added that it's a good thing to try for beginners who won't want to try out new hair tools.

"If you are new on your hair journey and you are wanting to experiment and you don't know if you want to start buying lots of different equipment, it is a good thing to try."

The Sieve Method Works With A Specific Type Of Waves

She continued that the sieve method works better with finer, type 2 waves because this type of hair dries quicker, and it's easier to pack it into a bowl.

No Hope For Thicker Hair

She added that it may be quite tasking to work it with thicker hair.

"As you move up into thicker hair, which takes longer to dry, it might be harder to control the hair with a sieve."

Top Tip For Diffusing Hair

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Vowles recommends that people diffuse hair with low heat sources and on a slower speed setting in order to avoid touching the hair too much.

"Just hold the sieve in place for 20 to 30 seconds at a time with no movement".

Use Heat Protectant

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She stressed the importance of heat protectant, especially for those who have delicate curls.

"Not getting the metal of the sieve too hot is also important."

Keep Specialists Close

Curly Hair
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The hair pro rounded up her session by urging people to speak to a curly hair specialist and buy recommended products that work for whatever type of hair they have.

"In my experience, a lot of the time getting the curls right can also be about getting the product right not just about the styling or the diffusing.