74-Year-Old Fashionista: Too Old for Minis and Boots?

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Woman making a video
Unsplash | Amanda Vick

A 74-year-old TikToker is standing up to ageism in the most stylish way.

Colleen Heidemann is a model signed with Next Management and a TikTok creator with over 319,000 followers.

She Started Modeling At 69

The ultra-stylish septuagenarian certainly defies unrealistic age and beauty stereotypes, as her TikTok bio says she started modeling at 69.

There's Nothing Old-Fashioned About Her Wardrobe

Walk-in closet
Unsplash | Chastity Cortijo

You won’t see this glamazon wearing granny clothes. Instead, she reaches for crop tops, mini skirts, thigh-high boots, and all the trendy stuff.

The Streets Are Her Catwalk

In a TikTok video she posted last month, Heidemann turned the sidewalk into her own fashion runway as she flaunted a sparkling black mini dress, patent leather jacket, and over-the-knee boots.

She Has The Coolest Silver Hair

She topped off her outfit with a pair of oversized shades, dangling earrings, and her signature silver coiffure.

A 74-Year-Old Can Dress However She Wants!

She captioned her video, “Who says a 74 year old woman can not be dressed in a strong outfit!!” and added a bunch of hashtags: #dontdressyourage #dressyourstyle #styleover70 #modelmoment #seniormodel

Heart Emojis Everywhere

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The post got a lot of love from fans.

They Said She Was 'Stunning' And 'Gorgeous'

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Unsplash | Shingi Rice

One wrote, “You. Are. Stunning!”

Another commented, “🥰 I definitely do not dress my age! You are gorgeous ❤️.”

A third one compared her to a style icon, saying, “Cher in 2027 🔥🔥.”

She Loves To Post About Beauty And Fitness, Too

Elsewhere on her TikTok, you’ll see more fashion videos as well as clips of her skincare, makeup, and fitness routine.

Unfortunately, There's Also The Occasional Hater

Woman dancing, text overlay saying, "HATERS GONNA HATE"

Many are inspired by her but she’s also had to deal with haters.

'Wear What Makes You Feel Good'

Someone's wardrobe
Unsplash | Burgess Milner

When someone criticized her for sporting swimwear that wasn’t “age-appropriate,” she replied, “Wear what makes you feel good!”

How Was She Discovered?

Shop window with sign saying "Open"
Unsplash | Mike Petrucci

In an interview with Verve, Heidemann revealed that she started her modeling career when photographer Ari Seth Cohen discovered her in her vintage clothing store.

She's Always Loved Style

Barbie doll
Unsplash | Sandra Gabriel

She’s always had a passion for fashion, even when she was a little girl. She recalled playing with paper dolls and creating clothes for them.

She Has An UGG Campaign

She never thought she’d become a model but here she is, with a Next contract and an UGG campaign under her stylish belt!

'If Not Now…… WHEN???'

And she has no plans of slowing down soon. Her motto? “If not now…… WHEN???”