Kim Kardashian Proves She’s the ‘Queen of TikTok’ After Channeling Her Inner 'British Chav'

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Kim Kardashian
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Over the years, Kim Kardashian has earned for herself several top-tier titles thanks to her creativity as a reality star, her love of lifestyle, and her business savvy. Presently, Kardashian has another title in her books as she has become the “Queen of TikTok.”

Kim Kardashian Takes Over TikTok

The Kardashians star took to TikTok to flaunt her creativity by joining the British Chav Makeup challenge which comes with Millie B’s M to the B hit single as its background song. The TV star filmed herself indoors leaning over what appeared to be her kitchen counter as she chewed a piece of gum while slightly pouting for the camera. The SKIMS boss dressed in an all-black outfit that included a sports bra and leggings. She poured down her jet black hair styled with her signature parting. 

Kardashian’s British Chav Makeup Clip

She started off by throwing her lengthy hair forward to put it in a messy bone while showing off different makeup products from her sister, Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic line. While lip-syncing to Millie B’s track, Kardashian started off by applying a dark brow filler to her full brows making them thick and bushy.

She proceeded to slap the foundation on, in a fast motion before applying a light of concealer above her cheekbone area. At the end of the clip, Kardashian completed her look with a nude lipstick as she continued chewing the gum. 

Her TikTok Fans Were In A Frenzy

Kim Kardashian
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The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum’s fans could not get enough of how she decided to be carefree and enjoy some cool challenges on the app. Many filed to the comment section gushing over. While someone joked that Kardashian was in her “North era,” another person thought Kim’s TikTok was “the best thing in 2023.” Another follower shared that the look was iconic while a fourth Tiktoker stated how they loved the Tiktok side of Kardashian. 

Twitter Reacts

The discussion extended to Twitter and fans had a field day sharing their opinion. One person penned, “Kim Kardashian attempting to sing M to the B by Millie B looking like this was not on my 2023 bingo card.” A second tweep chipped in, “Kim Kardashian unintentionally becoming the queen of TikTok'; I’m living for the fact Kim Kardashian has done uk chav makeup on TikTok.”

Kardashian Had Something Else In Mind When She Made The Clip

Kim Kardashian
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Although the mom-of-four had gotten in front of her camera and made a singular iconic moment, her clip was made to shade Kylie Jenner. Per Daily Mail, the duo recently started a social media feud which seems to not be something serious. The KKW founder used Kylie Cosmetics products to make her Chav makeup as a shade. 

Their Online Feud Started A Few Days Ago

On Monday, Kylie took to her Instagram page to share some stunning looks while updating her media. The TV personality looked as glamorous as always showing off a casual but attention-grabbing glam in a SKIMS piece. While many admirers could not get enough of her, Kardashian took to the comment section letting her know she could have at least tagged the brand.

Kylie Retorted

Kylie Jenner
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The mom-of-two didn’t seem to like Kardashian’s suggestion as she fired back, “I had to steal this from mom's house and now you want me to promote?!!!!' Wow.” She would later make another post using one of Kardashian’s most iconic lines from the days of Keeping Up With The Kardashians as her caption.