Todd And Julie Chrisley Arrive In Prison To Begin Their Tax Fraud Sentences

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Todd and Julie Chrisley
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Reality TV couple Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley have formally reported to prison to begin their sentences. Remember, the couple was convicted of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and two other charges.

Everything about their conviction and long battle with the law is in this read, and we promise you it's juicy.

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Latest Inmates

Todd Chrisley
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Official sources have confirmed that the Chrisley Knows Best stars have now begun serving their respective prison sentences.

Todd And Julie Chrisley Sentences

Todd Chrisley saying 'Are you kidding me right now?'
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According to reports, Todd was ordered to spend 12 years in federal prison, while Julie is set to serve seven years behind bars, bringing their joint sentence to 19 years in total.

Different Locations

Not only are they serving different sentences, but the pair are also doing it in different locations, with the 54-year-old Todd headed to Federal Prison Camp Pensacola and 50-year-old Julie spending time at the Federal Prison Camp Marianna.

The Charges

The "power couple" were sentenced in November 2022, six months after a jury convicted them of a multi-million dollar bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and a tax evasion scheme.

Probation After Release

Todd and Julie Chrisley
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Well, that's not all about their sentence, as Todd and Julie have also been ordered to serve an additional 16 months of probation after their release from federal prison.

Denied Appeal

The couple report to prison one week after the court threw out their motion for bail pending their appeal. They had initially requested to extend their surrender date by 3 weeks (21 days).

Far Less Than Requested

Todd Chrisley
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The couple who had been vocal about a mean and unjust legal system has been confirmed to have gotten lesser sentences than the prosecutors requested. Todd was projected to get between 17 and a half to 22 years, and Julie 12 and a half years.

Discussing Separation From Todd

The Chrisleys
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The 50-year-old discussed what life would be like now that she'll be separated from her husband for the first time on the Chrisley Confessions podcast.

"There is that possibility of my husband and I being separated, but there’s a difference between my husband and I being separated for a period of time and having to say goodbye forever."

Todd's Interview With Son

Before reporting to prison, the 54-year-old had a "no-holds-barred" sit-down interview with his son Chase Chrisley.

FCI Pensacola

Todd Chrisley
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The facility where Todd will be serving his sentence has a well-stocked library, gym, and track, and they also have access to movie nights. According to news outlets, the prison doesn't even have solitary confinement.

FCI Marianna

Julie Chrisley
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Julie will serve her time in FCI Marianna, which boasts 25 buildings housing male and female inmates in seven housing units. The inmates enjoy recreation programs like aerobics, music, intramural sports, and many other hobbies.