Lisa Marie Presley's Final Resting Place is Being Readied at Graceland

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Lisa Marie Presley
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Lisa Marie Presley's exact spot is being prepared at the moment close to her father, Elvis Presley. The singer-songwriter will be laid to rest this weekend at Graceland. The singer's son was also laid to rest in the same area.

Lisa Marie's Grave Is Being Excavated Next To Her Father

Preparations for the upcoming public memorial service of the American singer are ongoing. The memorial is this Sunday at the family compound in Memphis. Just like she wanted, Lisa Marie will get to lie next to her son and father.

Her Grave Site Will Also Be Close To Her Late Son's

Lisa Marie Presley
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Sources from Graceland informed TMZ of the preparations. Pictures and videos obtained showed Lisa Marie's grave would be around the fountain area. That was also where her father, Elvis, and his parents were buried. It is also where her son, Benjamin, who died from suicide in 2020 was laid. Lisa Marie's grave is to be placed next to her son's. Work began on the memorial site on Tuesday.

More About The Preparations For The Memorial Service

Other preparations are going on for the memorial service. Sources shared there is a stage with a backdrop in front of Graceland's lawn. However, there have been no words about who might be performing music or addressing the crowd.

Plans Are Underway

Lisa Marie was loved in the music world and the memorial service will be open to the public. Three days ago, the 24/7 cameras at Graceland showed the grounds were shut down. They were probably shut down for the completion of the planning.

A Livestream For The Public Memorial Service

Lisa Marie Presley
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It is also unclear if the live stream would be turned on on Sunday. Graceland's front entrance was adorned with flowers left by fans a week ago.

Lisa Marie Spoke On Grief After Losing Son To Suicide

The Now What singer always adorned her four children, Benjamin, Riley, Finley, and Harper. In an interview with The Guardian in 2012, she shared having her children were among the happiest time in her life.

Lisa Marie Was Shattered When Her Son Died

However, when she lost her son, Benjamin to suicide in 2020, the singer shared it shattered her. Lisa Marie wrote an essay for National Grief Awareness Day that was published by People magazine in August 2022. In the essay, she wrote she was living "the horrific reality of unrelenting grips" since her son's death.

She said there was a lot to understand about grief. She wrote that grief does not cease or disappear after the loss. The Lights Outs singer shared it was something that was carried for the rest of a person's life.

She Leaned Into The Relationship With Her Daughters

Lisa Marie and her daughters
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In the essay, Lisa Marie wrote she kept going on because of her daughters. Benjamin's concern in his final moments as she took care of his little sisters. She continued that her daughters' lives were destroyed by his sudden death. It was also a reality that they had to live with every day. Lisa Marie was able to lean into her relationship with her three daughters.

The Singer Once Mentioned How They Helped Her Get Through

On her birthday last year, she posted a picture with her daughters. The singer wrote she could not have made it through without them. In 2012, Lisa Marie told Guardian that after she was gone, she wanted people to remember her as a good mum and a pretty ok singer-songwriter.