Why Lisa Marie Presley's Twin Daughters Refuse to Return to $4M LA Home

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Lisa Marie Presley shared a deeper level of connection with kids, so it makes sense that since her passing, they have had a hard time without the 54-year-old. Lisa Marie shares a twin with her ex-husband Michael Lockwood.

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Traumatized From Their Mother's Passing

According to new reports from Daily Mail, the twin daughters of Lisa Marie Presley won't return to the Calabasas house where she had her tragic cardiac arrest because they are too traumatized from her sudden passing.

Spending Time At Grandma's

According to TMZ, Riley Keough, their older sister, and Harper and Finley have been supporting them at their grandma Priscilla Presley's home in Los Angeles.

Lisa Suffered Two Cardiac Arrests

Lisa Marie Presley and her parents
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Tragically, Lisa Marie died last week at 54 following two cardiac arrests. After experiencing a medical emergency at her estate in Calabasas, California, Lisa Marie passed suddenly last week. While they waited for emergency services, her ex-husband Danny Keough, who had been cohabitating with Lisa Marie, tried to give CPR.

Michael Lockwood Showed Up For His Twin

After being taken urgently to the hospital, Lisa Marie was later declared dead.

However, TMZ also claims that Michael Lockwood, the father of the twins, has been present to care for his girls following the news of their mother's death.

Michael Lockwood Remarried

The twins resided with their grandmother in Los Angeles throughout their parents' separation in 2021.

However, In October 2022, Michael Lockwood remarried, and the twins were present at his wedding as the groom's women.

Michael Lockwood's Statement

Following Lisa Marie's passing Michael Lockwood released a statement via his spokesman, Joe Yanny:

"Michael had been hoping for a speedy and complete recovery because her children needed her. It is very sad it didn't turn out that way."

He continued,

'Michael's world has been turned on its ear. He is with both of his daughters now.'

Inheriting Graceland At 25

Graceland, the storied home that formerly belonged to Elvis Presley and brought in $56 million annually, would reportedly go to Lisa Marie's three daughters, it was previously announced.

After inheriting her father's vast wealth at age 25, Elvis' daughter earned more than $100 million monthly from his estate and businesses when she passed away.

However, the estate will now pass on to her girls, Riley, Finley, and Harper.

The Amount Elvis Purchased Graceland

Elvis Presley, born in Mississippi and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, purchased the estate Graceland in the spring of 1957 when he was 22 years old and had just achieved renown.

The young rock star purchased the 1939 home and its surrounding property for $100,000; upon his passing in 1977, Lisa Marie became the sole heir.

Priscilla Made The Estate A Tourist Centre

Lisa Marie Presley
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After divorcing Elvis in 1973, Priscilla turned the failing estate into a tourist destination opening it to visitors.