Woman’s Twisted Fascination With Serial Killers Leads to Lover’s Gruesome Death

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Shay Groves
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A serial killer-obsessed mother of one will likely be spending a very long time in jail after stabbing her boyfriend to death, over 20 times. According to reports, the woman's reaction while telling her close friend about her actions was even scarier. Here are the details of the tragic story.

Shaye Allegedly Murders Her Boyfriend

Shay Groves
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On July 17, 2022, the victim, identified as Frankie Fitzgerald was found lifeless with multiple stab wounds at his girlfriend Shaye Grove's home in Havant. Upon investigation, it was revealed that Shaye slit his throat while he slept, before stabbing him multiple times.

She Had Portraits Of Serial Killers In Her Home

After the news went viral, many were not surprised as the culprit was said to be obsessed with serial killers. According to reports, Shaye had framed portraits of terrible killers including Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy on her bedroom walls.

Shaye Called Her Friend To Inform Her

Furthermore, stabbing her boyfriend wasn't the only terrible part of Shaye's actions. Reports revealed that after the deed was done, she phoned her close friend, Vikki Baitup, to show her the dead body.

She Showed No Signs Of Remorse

Shay Groves portrait
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Recalling how it all happened, Vikki told the police she got a call from a giggling Shaye who held a normal conversation, where they discussed their weekend. Next, the culprit switched over to a video call, went upstairs, pointed the phone at Frankie's body, and said, "I've done him."

Vikki Couldn't Believe Her Eyes

Vikki said she was shocked and couldn't believe what was happening. However, she was convinced after Shaye went back upstairs and showed her Frankie's dead body wrapped in a duvet and lying on bin bags.

Frankie Was Allegedly Texting A 13-Year-Old

A person on their phone
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It was also revealed that Shaye made the terrible decision after she went through her boyfriend's phone and found out he was texting a teenage girl. According to Vikki, upon discovery, Shaye planned how she would go about everything.

Shaye Pretended To Be Oblivious

Shaye chose a perfect time when Frankie couldn't fight back. Upon arrival at the scene of the crime, officers revealed there was a strong smell of bleach in the bedroom, with Shaye acting ignorant about what had happened.

"I was going to call you myself. I don't know what the f*** happened. He's dead. He's in my room, it really is a mess," Shaye allegedly told the police.

There Were Other Shocking Details In The Room

Besides Frankie's dead body in the bedroom, there were also four decorative knives hanging on their bedroom wall, as the couple was into knife play during sexual intercourse. 

Frankie And Shaye Loved Knife Play

knife play
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The knives had depictions of Chuckie, Jigsaw, and Pennywise and were hung near two axes all of which were easily accessible to anyone. Reportedly, Shaye and Frankie's love for knife play began after they rekindled an old relationship after meeting at a pub in January 2022.

Shaye Was Obsessed

At some point in their relationship, Shaye became obsessed with her boyfriend's performance in the bedroom, with the experiences mostly comprising bondage, dominance, submission, and masochism.

The Pair's Relationship Was Unusual

A video camera
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The pair, who had been in an off-and-on relationship, would also film their bedroom activities, set up at Shaye's home. Overall, the culprit and her boyfriend had one of the most usual relationships, Vikki believed.

The Pathologist's Report

After Shaye was taken into custody, Frankie's body was sent to a pathologist, whose report revealed the victim was stabbed 17 times to the front of the chest. He also had two stab wounds in other chest areas and three stab wounds on his neck.

The Cause Of Death

The multiple stabbings led to multiple perforations of the heart and lungs, and blood loss, eventually leading to Frankie's demise. But irrespective of the overwhelming evidence, Shaye says she is not guilty of murder.

Shaye Claims She's Innocent

Shaye claimed she had footage of Frankie raping and attacking her, adding that she only acted out of self-defense. In the meantime, the trial continues and is expected to last for four weeks.

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