Terrifying Scene as Man Gets Trapped in Flooded Gym

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A car stuck in a flood
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Natural disasters have a nasty habit of showing up where and when they aren't needed, which is every time!

However, many people prepare for the worst and hope for the best. People have bunkers in their homes to protect themselves in case of earthquakes and build houses to withstand a flood.

Unfortunately, natural disasters never announce themselves before showing up. So, this TikTok user, @dottshot, got stuck in the gym during a horrific flood.

Waiting For The Rain To Stop

Rain clouds
Unsplash | Daoudi Aissa

The TikTok user, DottShot, went for a shower and waited for the rain to become a drizzle during his daily gym use.

Getting Ready To Leave

Once he finished in the bathroom, Dott Shot prepared to leave the gym, after all the heavy rain had become a drizzle. He wasn't prepared for what he discovered.

Watch The Flood Below

A Shock Awaited Him

Weights on racks
Unsplash | Danielle Cerullo

Dott Shot left his gym, Planet Fitness, and encountered a flood. He's checked the weather report earlier and expected 5-6" of rainwater left on the ground.

Flood Seeped Into The Gym

The flood flowed into the gym making it more difficult for Dott Shot to stay indoors. He attempted to mitigate the situation by standing on chairs and equipment.

Thankful For The Stairmaster

A Stairmaster Machine
Flickr | jihani2

Dott Shot eventually stood on a Stairmaster machine and waited for the emergency rescue machine. He clarified that he didn't let the water into the gym but it seeped in.

No Root Of Escape

Dott Shot could see into the parking lot and discovered his vehicle wasn't going to make it through the flood.

Distracting Himself With Videos

Tiktok app open on a phone
Unsplash | Hello I'm Nik

Instead of thinking of his problems - being boxed in a flood and losing his vehicle - Dott Shot distracted himself with TikTok videos.

Damage Everywhere

He showed the aftermath of the flood showing that his vehicle wasn't the only damaged item. The gym suffered a lot alongside the cars in the parking lot no thanks to the fallen trees.

Goodbye To His Car

The TikToker asked other users to pitch in and help him get a new car. He hoped his video evidence proved he wasn't a phony.

TikTokers Aren't Moved

TikTokers got emotional at first but said his multiple videos were overkill. Some wrote,

"Bro has made 70 videos on the flood."

He eventually deleted his other videos, leaving only two that contain footage of the flood inside the facility.

It's A 'Joke'

Laughing emoji on a phone's screen
Unsplash | Markus Winkler

Other users made it into a joke by saying,

"He chose the hard level on the flood escape"


"[He's in] a Natural Disaster simulator."

More Flood Videos

He didn't think he could survive the ordeal.

All About The Flood

A traffic sign flooded
Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

His entire account had seven videos all about the flood, but it's recently been reduced to two.

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