Intimate Relationship With a Blanket? Woman Marries Hers and Swears by It

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Woman holding blanket
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They say true love can be found in the most unexpected places. One woman in Britain found it in the linen closet.

In Love With A Blanket

Pascale Sellick grabbed headlines when she went on the British TV show, This Morning, in 2019 to declare her love for her blanket and announce that they were getting married.

'The Most Intimate And Reliable Relationship' She'd Ever Had

Woman under a blanket and holding a cup
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Speaking to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, Sellick said her relationship with her duvet, which she had on her lap at the time, was “the most intimate and reliable” she’d ever had.

A Blanket Above All Others

Clip of Linus, Snoopy, and security blanket

She said it was love at first sight, and although she’d had other blankets, she’d always been loyal to that one.

What Happened Under The Sheets?

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However, Sellick told the hosts it wasn’t “a sexual thing.”

A Wedding Planner Organized Everything

Tiffany chairs and flowers at a wedding
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To prove she was serious about marrying her blanket, Sellick brought along her wedding planner, Anna Fitzgerald, who talked about arranging the ceremony, music, and after-party.

Everyone Was Invited

A wedding party
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Sellick and Fitzgerald said the public was invited, and anybody who wanted to come as a bridesmaid or a flower boy was welcome to do so.

Please Come In Appropriate Attire

Person wearing pajamas in bed
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The dress code? Why, sleepwear, of course! Dressing gowns, onesies, slippers – and feel free to bring a teddy bear, too.

But Wait, There's A Twist

Pascale Sellick talking about marrying her duvet
youtube | This Morning

Later in the conversation, Schofield revealed that Sellick actually had a human boyfriend named Johnny. Oooh, a love triangle?

Neither Johnny Nor The Blankie Was The Jealous Type

Clip of man and woman under a blanket

However, she reassured the hosts that Johnny wasn’t jealous of the blanket, and the blanket wasn’t jealous of Johnny, either. In fact, all three of them snuggled together in bed all the time.

True Love Or Just Plain Weird?

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Now if all this is weirding you out, know that it was all just an artistic project.

It Was Meant To Highlight Loneliness

Lonely woman sitting by a window
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Fitzgerald and Sellick organized it to highlight “loneliness in society.”

A 'Wedding' For Lonely People

Wedding table setup
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As artists, they wanted to bring lonely people together for some good fun, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up (the “wedding” was held on February 10, 2019).

'Marry Your Bedding'

Woman under a blanket
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Sellick said, “Around Valentine’s, people could feel a little bit lonely. So…take some time for self-worth, self-care…and marry your bedding. Why not?”

It Was A Fun Gimmick

People at a wedding
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Good to know it was all just a fun gimmick because, as Schofield noted, there have been some bizarre weddings between humans and inanimate objects in the past (a man and his mobile phone? Seriously?).

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