Fake Baby, Real Appetite: Woman Pretends To Be a Mother for Movie Theater Snacks

Chisom Ndianefo
A baby with snacks
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The biggest hassle for most people going into a movie theater is getting their favorite snacks inside. It never helps that the cinemas add extra taxes and costs on their items way higher than regular stores.

A TikTok woman believes she's found the hack to the lifelong problem - getting a baby!

Not A Pregnancy

No, we don't mean a regular pregnancy as that'll be overkill and doesn't get anyone preferential treatment at the movies. Snacks inside a onesie in the form of a baby is next level.

Sneaking Food Into The Cinema Is As Old As Time

A woman holding popcorn by the cinema
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Sneaking food into the cinema is as old as the establishment (dating back to 1948). People get creative when it's time to get that contraband inside the hall.

Multiple Hacks

We've seen ridiculous sneaks from pouring soda and alcohol drinks into an unbranded bottle, shoving it to the furthest part of your bag, and keeping it in your headgear. However, this baby hack is next level. Scroll down to see it.

Watch The Hack

What's In The Baby?

A box of chocolates
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The TikToker, @greedy_fhattgirl made her popcorn from home, pour alcohol into a feeding bottle, then stuffed a onesie with more snacks. Her fake baby contained chips, skittles, chocolate, and serviettes.

Saving Dollars

Doritos and Pepsi cans at the cinema
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Everything in her onesie would cost an arm and a leg at the cinema but since she got them outside the theater, they're fair price.

Impressing Everyone

TikTokers were impressed but wanted to know if the hack actually worked. It's one thing to show it off online and another to show herself entering the cinema with the baby.

Where Did The Baby Stuff Come From?

Feeding a baby with a bottle of milk
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People were shocked that she had a lot of baby items without having a child so they asked her to explain. The TikTok user then admitted that she owned a daycare and has grandchildren.

What Did She Do With The Baby?

Sleeping baby
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When asked what she does when it's time to leave without the baby the lady said she says the baby's asleep.

A Genius Invention For All Moviegoers

Everyone called her a genius for her creation as they wondered where the idea came from.

Stuffed Teddies Can Work

A stuffed teddy bear
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One user added her tip saying you can stuff snacks inside a Teddy Bear. Someone asked why people need so many snacks for one hour+ movies.

The Big Purse Still Works

Woman carrying a handbag
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One user admitted to using the regular big purse idea but nothing tops the baby hack and pregnancy trick discovered in 2017.

The Pregnancy Hack Leads The Pack

The viral pregnancy hack exposed by Angela Brisk showed a woman hiding a bowl of candy underneath her hoodie.

Don't Get Caught

Whatever plan you adopt, there's only one rule - Don't get caught!