After Years of Denying Her, Pelé Names His Daughter in His Will

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Pelé passed on the 29th of December, and up until now, fans worldwide are still paying tribute to the Brazilian football legend. Following a battle with cancer, Pele—the only player in history to win three World Cups—died at the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo. He was 17 when he defeated the hosts, Sweden, in the 1958 World Cup final by scoring twice. Pele was a football superstar.

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Sandra Made It To Pele's Will

Sandra, born in 1964 and passed away 17 years ago, was devastated that her father continued to ignore her. But she was mentioned in his will, along with his seven children. The two boys of Sandra, who got to see their grandfather for the first time while he lay dying in the hospital, will inherit Sandra's part of his wealth.

Pele's Last Wish

Pele and his daughter Sandra
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Pele had a last wish to meet Octavio Felinto Neto, and Gabriel Arantes do Nascimento, and on December 28, the day before he passed away at the age of 82, they visited him.

Leaving Their Mother's Dream

In an interview with Mirror, Gabriel discussed the meeting.

“I thank God for providing this moment, it was what my mother dreamed of most. I spoke to my aunts, and they said that our grandfather wanted to see us.

His Grandsons Were Excited To See Him Before His Passing

He continued;

“We were very excited, it was an opportunity we had been waiting for. Every family has fights and rows, ours is no different, but there are moments when union and love are more important than anything else. We are extremely happy.”

A DNA Test Proved It

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After Pelé and his housekeeper Anisio Machado had an affair, Sandra was born in 1964. Pelé refused to acknowledge that he was Sandra's father for many years, but a DNA test and subsequent court decision in 1991 established his paternity.

Worth £13 Million

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However, when Pelé passed away, his estimated net worth was £13 million, which would be split among his seven children.

Pele Has Seven Children

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The world-famous football great, who is recognized as one of the best players of all time, had three children—Kelly, Edinho, and Jennifer—with his first wife before having twins—Joshua and Celeste—with his second wife and a fourth daughter, Flavia, from a previous relationship.

Survived By His Mom And Sister

His mother, Celeste, who was 100 years old, was 'unaware' that her son had passed away until days later. He was also survived by his sister Maria.

Paying Respects To The Face Of Football

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In Vila Belmiro, the Brazilian football team Santos stadium, where Pele played for most of his career, his body was on display for a 24-hour wake.

Thousands of people waited in line to pay their respects to the man who rose to prominence as the face of world football over the course of three decades.