Disturbing Obituary Praised Utah Dad After Killing His Wife And Five Children

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The Utah man suspected of killing his family of six and himself in a murder-suicide, Michael Haight, received high praise in his obituary, shocking everyone. The police suspect the late 42-year-old of killing his wife, Tausha, 40, five children, and mother-in-law, Gail Earl, before shooting himself on Jan. 4.

Public Outrage Over The Obituary

With the gravity of his crime, it's distasteful and shocking that his obituary contains praise for his character and alleged love of his family.

A Description Of Haight's Life

The Spectrum Newspaper published the obituary without an author so, there's no one to blame. However, graphic description of the deceased's life portrayed him as near perfect with a chronological account of his life with his wife of 20 years.

The Couple's First Meeting

Michael and Tausha married in 2003 after meeting in the Southern Utah University student ward. Between 2005 to 2018, they conceived and birthed five children. Three girls, aged 17, 12, and 7, and two boys aged 7 and 4.

The Casualties

The Haights lived with Tausha's 78-year-old mother, Gail Earl, who was part of Michael's alleged victims on that unfortunate day. The police found eight dead bodies in their house located in Enoch City.

Their Neighbors Were Shocked

The community is home to 8,000+ people most of whom are members of Michael's church, The Church of the Latter Day Saints. Any of those residents or a family member could've written the obituary.

Praising Michael's Parenting

The obituary praised Michael as a present and attentive father to all five of his children. Here's an excerpt from it -

"Michael made it a point to spend quality time with each and every one of his children..."

He Served The Community

The obituary added that the late alleged family annihilator coached a league sporting team and attended "school concerts, side-by-side rides, did home-improvement projects," and other family bonding exercises.

Who Wrote The Obituary?

An anonymous person
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The obituary ended on the note that Haight gave his life to service in the church and community. Whoever wrote that glowering tribute doesn't believe he committed family annihilation.

No Mention Of The Victims

A burial procession
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Moreso, the obituary ignored his victims by focusing on Michael and not mentioning any of the seven people from the children to the wife and mother-in-law.

His Background

Michael's obituary also shared his background saying he was born in 1980 and would've turned 43 on Jan. 7. He served as part of a full-time Mormon mission in Brazil and ran an insurance agency.

Relationship With Clients

The person went on to describe Michael's loving relationship with his clients as if to suggest they also don't believe he was a killer.

Survivors In Haight's Family

The 42-year-old alleged killer is survived by his family - mother, siblings, grandparents - and extended members.

Tausha's Siblings Set Up A Fundraiser

Meanwhile, Tausha's siblings set up a GoFundMe to raise money for the victims' funeral. They added a heart wrenching note saying there are no words to describe their heartache or feelings.

They Praise Tausha And The Spectrum Removes The Obituary

The siblings also described their late sister as "an exceptional mother whose only purpose was to help her children to grow up to be the best examples of the savior."

The obituary is now removed from The Spectrum following public outrage.

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