Man Falls To His Death On Wedding Anniversary Vacation - Suspected Murder

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A California public defender recently fell to his death during his first wedding anniversary vacation. Although reports say it was an accident, his family and friends believe he was murdered. A GoFundMe page was created in remembrance of Blair. 

The Public Defender Fatally Fell On His First Wedding Anniversary


Elliot Blair was celebrating his first wedding anniversary with his wife Kim, who is also a public defender. The couple had gone to a coastal resort in Mexico for the celebration. He fatally fell to his death on Saturday morning.

Reports on Blair's Death

Initial reports state Blair was involved in a 'crime'. However, a small local news site claimed he was drinking and Mexican police said his fall was accidental.

Details Of The Scene

According to the local news site, Patrulla 646 Código Rojo, it was the hotel staff who notified the authorities. Blair fell from the balcony of Hotel Las Rocas in Rosarito on January 14th at 1:15 am.

Blair Was Confirmed Dead By Paramedics

paramedics at work
Unsplash | Mat Napo

On the arrival of the police, Blair was already unconscious and lying face down. By the time paramedics arrived, he was already dead. The body was removed by staff from the state attorney general's office. They also conducted an investigation.

His Family Suspected A Foul Play

Blair's family suggested he was murdered in a GoFundMe page set up by Blair's family, they said he was 'killed'. Also, a Facebook page dedicated to sharing news from the Rosarito area shared an account of the incident. They said local authorities were withholding some information.

Reports That He Was Murdered

They also cited reports from The Orange County Register which is a Californian newspaper. The OC register was the first to suggest Blair was murdered.

The Authorities Have Commenced an Investigation

Reporters had an interview with OC Public Defender Martin Schwarz. He shared they were working with local and federal authorities to provide answers for Blair's family. The Facebook page said the authorities hid some information after the incident was reported. 

A GoFundMe Page In Remembrance Of Blair

Elliot Blair and his wife
GoFundMe | Remembering Elliot Blair

Blair's family set up a GoFundMe page in remembrance of the 33-year-old. On the page, they wrote "Elliot was tragically killed" and "He was the victim of a brutal crime." They also provided information on Blair on the page.

The GoFundMe Details

He and his wife, Kim have been Public Defenders in California since 2017. He was also a compassionate lawyer and was loved by a lot of people. They added that he was known for his clever mind and smile.

Inside Blair's Family

They wrote he and his wife had just started building their life together before he was killed. Blair is survived by his sister, Candice Wilson, his wife, Kim, his mother Stella, and his nephew Samuel. The funds raised would be used to help his wife with the transportation of his body to the USA and in dealing with red tape. 

People's Reaction On The GoFundMe Page

A lot of people sympathized with Blair's family during the tragic event. The GoFundMe Page has raised over $70,000. On the GoFundMe page, someone from East Lake Village wrote Blair made a positive impact on them.

Many Supported Blair's Family

Blair's cousin also commented on the page. One of his fellow workers wrote Blair had an infectious smile. "I had the pleasure of working with him and getting to know him." Another commenter wrote that Blair's family deserved to know the truth about what happened. They further wrote, "Don't let the authorities in Rosarito lie -the truth must prevail!" 

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