Great-Grandmother’s Thoughts on the Afterlife Are Seriously Blowing People Away!

Chisom Ndianefo
Screenshot of Nanny Faye speaking
TikTok | Nannyandme

Viral TikTok user, Nanny Faye, a great-grandmother had the internet in shambles after sharing her thoughts on the afterlife. The famous great-grandmother answered one of her many requests via the comments asking about the mystery of life and death.

No Reason For Fear

The TikTok-famous nanny responded to a user who was scared of dying and wanted to know if she was alone. Nanny Faye's response was simple, "No! Why should I be scared? Honey, what's there to be scared of?"

Life Is Simple

The older lady further noted that life is transient and the sooner people realize it's not as complicated as they think, they'd feel better.

Holding On To Faith

Nanny Faye spoke from a place of faith as a Christian because the religion preaches peace in the afterlife.

Trusting The Bible

A hand flipping the Holy Bible
Unsplash | Rod Long

She shared that information with the user saying that if they put their faith in the Holy Book (Bible) all will be well.

No Fear Of Death

The older woman couldn't understand why people were scared of dying when living is often until 100 years or less which isn't up to eternity.

A Perfect Place Is Waiting

Nanny Faye said the Bible presents the most marvelous home and place to live for perfection as people will never get it on earth.

Death Is Not The End

It's the Biblical belief that the death of a Christian is a transition into paradise - a place free of all the worries of the world from sickness to insomnia and listening to people cussing.

Embracing The Notion Of Death

A Crucifix
Unsplash | Aaron Burden

Nanny Faye being a Christian anticipates the afterlife rather than dreads it because she wants to partake of its perfection.

No Work In Paradise

A tropical paradise
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Nanny Faye also cited the lack of work obligations and trouble in paradise as enticing factors. She's really selling the idea to her followers.

Joining TikTok

Nanny Faye went viral after her great-grandson opened the account, @nannyandme on TikTok and revealed that the older lady was born in 1925 making her 97.

Becoming Famous

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Nanny became famous for her nuggets of wisdom, earning her over 1.7 million likes on TikTok and 219,200+ followers.

Followers Appreciate The Knowledge

The video responding to the afterlife question received multiple comments in support, with people thanking her for sharing her knowledge.

Steadfast Faith

A hand praying over the bible
Unsplash | Patrick Fore

One user wrote,

"She's beautiful, I love how she thinks,"

Others praised her for upholding her faith saying,

"Yes ma'am! Can't wait to meet God and hear 'Well done My good and faithful servant'. Enjoy life while we have it!" "When you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ you don’t fear death, the flesh dies, not the soul, it transforms into a new life."

97 And In Good Health

Nanny Faye celebrated her 97th birthday last year after a health scare. Her great-grandson updated the well-wishing followers on her health improvement.