UGA Player Devin Willock and Staff Member Chandler LeCroy Killed in Car Crash

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Devin Willock
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It's a sad day for the members of the Georgia Bulldogs football team as two of its members were killed in a fatal auto accident, leaving two others injured early hours of Sunday just as the team also celebrated their back-to-back national championships.

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Devin Willock And Chandler LeCroy

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The UGA Athletic Association has identified casualties of the crash that occurred in Athens, Georgia, as offensive lineman Devin Willock, 20, and Chandler LeCroy, 24- a recruiting staff member.

Other Injured Passengers

Car Crash
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The body also stated that two other members were injured in the crash but are now in stable condition, even though they were not immediately identified.

UGA Athletic Statement

In their statement released in the early hours of today, the association revealed they are devastated by the tragic loss of football student-athlete Devin Willock and football staff member Chandler LeCroy, and they'll continue to monitor the status of the two injured persons with health experts.

Special People

Willock And Chandler
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The statement described Devin and Chandler as two special people "who meant so much to the University of Georgia," the football program, and the athletic department.

Asking For Prayers

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The association asked people to keep the families of the injured and deceased in their prayers during this "very difficult time."

Providing Support For Staff

The association promised to work with the medical team, mental health personnel, and performance coaches to provide the necessary support for staff and athletes who are currently "processing the grief."

No Further Comments

They wrapped up the statement by refusing further comments and asking for continued support.

Willock Was A Passenger In The Car


The backup offensive lineman was a passenger in the SUV that crashed in Athens around 2:45 a.m. local time, according to the police.

The Vehicle Drifted Off The Road

The SUV was traveling in the outside lane of the road when it dashed off the roadway and struck two power poles and trees.

Willock Died On The Spot

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FOX 5 Atlanta confirmed that Willock died at the scene owing to shock and injuries sustained by the impact of the accident.

LeCroy Died Much Later

LeCroy, the driver, was taken to the hospital, but she later passed on, according to reports from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Willock's Role In The Team

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The redshirt sophomore from New Milford, New Jersey, was a backup offensive lineman on the Bulldogs, and he played in every regular season game. The young chap also played in the SEC Championship and College Football Playoff games.

Coach Kirby Smart

Football Team
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The team coach released a statement about the accident and deaths, stating they were all heartbroken and devastated.

"Devin was an outstanding young man in every way and was always smiling. He was a great teammate and a joy to coach. Chandler was a valuable member of our football staff and brought [an] incredible attitude and energy every single day. We grieve with their families for this tragic loss and will support them in every way possible."

National Championships

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Georgia celebrated its most recent national championship back-to-back win on Saturday. This unfortunate incident has surely left a bad taste in the mouth of everyone.