Tragedy in the Himalayas: Plane Crash in Nepal Leaves 68 Dead

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An unfortunate accident occurred in Nepal involving an airplane carrying 72 people. At least 68 people have been reported dead on the spot of the crash. Disheartening footage showed the plane a few seconds before the deadly crash.

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Yeti Airline

Yeti Airline
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The Yeti Airline plane, which contained 68 passengers and 4 crew members, crashed near Pokhara International Airport. According to the Kathmandu Post, two children and 10 foreign nationals were also on board.

Numbers Of Casualties

An army spokesman has revealed that about 68 people have died from the effect of the crash. Several injured persons have been rushed to the hospital around the spot.

Emergency Meeting By The Prime Minister

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has called an emergency meeting of all cabinet members after reports of the crash and ordered security agencies to get on the scene and help with rescue efforts.

Details About The Plane

Yeti Airline
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According to Dahal, the plane was flying in from the nation's capital, Kathmandu, and was headed to Pokhara in central Nepal when the crash occurred. Videos on social media show an aircraft flying over a densely populated area before diving.

Rescue Team

The Kathmandu Post confirmed that a team of rescue workers had been sent to the crash site via a helicopter to help clean up debris and remains.

Army Spokesman

Krishna Bhandari told news outlets that they expect to recover more bodies due to their clean-up while stating that the crashed plane has broken into countless pieces.

Flames From The Plane

Mount Everest
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Videos captured by eyewitnesses of the tragic incident showed flames and smoke emanating from the destroyed twin-engine ATR 72.

It should be noted that the weather in Nepal is very unpredictable due to it being home to the 14 highest mountains in the world, including Everest.

Local Resident Divya Dhakal

Local resident Divya Dhakal confirmed to BBC that she rushed to the crash scene after discovering the aircraft plunging from the sky around 11:00 am local time.

"By the time I was there the crash site was already crowded. There was huge smoke coming from the flames of the plane. And then helicopters came over in no time."

Pilot Averted More Casualties

Yeti Airplane
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Dhakal continued that the pilot tried to avoid hitting any home and instead crashed at the small space beside the Seti River. Crowds were seen gathering around the plane wreckage as rescuers carried on with their cleanup.

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