Lisa Marie Presley's Twins in the Middle of a Messy Custody Battle

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Lisa Marie Presley
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New developments have risen following Lisa Marie Presley's passing. Her children are now at the center of a custody drama between their father and other concerned members of her family. Things are not taking a pleasant turn as one party is ready to take the legal route.

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Custody Of The Twins

Lisa Marie Presley
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Presley's 14-year-old twin daughters are now caught up in a custody war between Michael Lockwood and Danny Keough, Presley's ex.

Michael Lockwood May Take Legal Steps

Lockwood is ready to tow the legal path of securing full custody of his and Presley's kids if the need arises.

According to sources connected to the late Presley's family, "It'll be a cold day in hell before he (Michael Lockwood) gives up custody of those children."

40% Custody

Lisa Marie Presley
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Before Presley's death, the pair operated a defined custody system that gave Lockwood 40% of the kids' custody and Presley 60%. Finley and Harper lived with Presley until her death on Thursday.

A Blast From The Past

There are now fresh rumors of her ex Danny Keough and daughter Riley aiming for custody of the twins as he considers himself their "father" more than anyone.

Priscilla Presley

Lisa Marie Presley
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Lisa Marie's mom, who rushed her to West Hills Hospital and stayed with her till she passed away, may also lay a claim to the kid's custody, according to TMZ. However, due to the twins' age, the judge will tilt towards the twin's preference should the matter make it to court.

Who Is Lockwood To Presley?

The 61-year-old and father of the twins is Presley's fourth husband, and they were involved in a dramatic split in 2016- the pair weren't friends until her death as Lockwood sought $40,000 monthly in child support.

Presley's Plea In 2021

Lisa Marie Presley
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Following their split in 2016, Presley begged a judge in 2021 to declare her officially single from Lockwood following his refusal to divorce her after five years of separation, citing that there was no hope for them to reconcile and she would love to move forward with her life.

Wild Allegations

During their split, the pair made allegations of addiction, drug use, and child abuse as the reasons for ending their marriage.

Presley's Previous Marriages

Lisa Marie Presley
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The late star was previously married to Keough, Michael Jackson, and Nicholas Cage before tying the knot with Michael Lockwood.

Presley passed away after she suffered a second cardiac arrest at the hospital which made the family sign a "do not resuscitate" order on Thursday. She was the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley.