Find Out What Bhad Bhabie Had To Say About Her Earliest OnlyFans Subscribers

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American rapper and OnlyFans model Danielle Bregoli, a.k.a. Bhad Bhabie, has some words for her new subscribers. Despite turning 18 in 2021, the social media star made millions of followers and dollars on the adult website, OnlyFans. 

Opening Up About Joining OnlyFans

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She appeared in an interview with Barstool Sports last December, where she detailed her experience using the adult social media app. Due to the site's age restriction policy, Bhad Bhabie waited until the night she turned 18 to sign up.

First Day On OnlyFans

That night, the Hi Bich rapper allegedly made one million pounds in six hours. Bhad Bhabie's on record as the fastest earner on OnlyFans and has accumulated more than $50 million.

Despite those subscribers making her a millionaire multiple times over, the rapper believes they're ethically compromised.

Calling Her Subscribers Creeps & Weirdos

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Although the rapper didn't speak directly, she responded to several questions from her interviewer, Caleb Pressley.

Pressley asked Bhad Bhabie to confirm the age she joined OnlyFans and asked if people subscribed immediately. She confirmed both questions, and when Pressley asked,

"Should they [the subscribers] be in jail?"

Bhad Bhabie replied, "Yes."

Going Viral On Twitter

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The video is now viral on Twitter, with netizens bashing the rapper for her choice of words. They can't believe she's taking the moral high road considering she expected subscribers when she joined OnlyFans. It's ironic.

Fans Say She Has A Point

Bhad Bhabie has supporters who understand her viewpoint, saying those people waited until they could legally fulfill their warped fantasies.

Technically she was a minor a few hours before opening the account, and turning 18 doesn't make her automatically mentally an adult despite the legal ramifications.

Twitter Users Give Their Mixed Opinions

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The Twitter comments are mixed with most people taking up for Bhad Bhabie and others criticizing her for collecting their money.

The Internet Can't Believe Her Earnings

Meanwhile, some people dispute the rapper's OnlyFans earnings causing her to make several videos proving her worth. When people asked what she does on the app, Bhad Bhabie said it's a surprise.

Her True Earnings

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The rapper, however, opened up a bit, saying she makes most of her money from private conversations with subscribers. Bhad Bhabie guessed her subscribers are between 20 - 40 and possibly married white men with children her age.

Not Bothered About Critics

Bhad Bhabie is often the subject of controversy on the internet for her lifestyle choices but she doesn't care. The rapper said most of her critics are jealous of her millions.

Making The Most Money From Messages

She shared a post on Instagram saying her haters can cry about it. The rapper showed her breakdown proving she really made more from messages than tips.

Still Stunting On Instagram

Bhad Bhabie turned off her comments to shut down her critics but continues posting pictures of herself.