Prince Harry Traumatizes Fans With Audio Clip Featuring Elizabeth Arden Cream and His Pen*s

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Cover page of Prince Harry's book 'Spare'
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With the release of Prince Harry's memoir, Spare, readers were delighted to find some interesting details about the Duke of Sussex and the Royal Family. But recently, fans had a reason to cringe after an extract from Spare's audiobook revealed how Harry cured his frostbitten penis with a cream his mom used on her lips. Here are the details.

Prince Harry's Injury In The North Pole

The Duke of Sussex's revelation that he once used Elizabeth Arden cream on his penis has gone viral. In an extract from his book, Harry recalled getting frostnip on his private part during a trip to the North Pole in 2011.

How Did The Injury Make Him Feel?

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According to the Duke of Sussex, the injury left his penis oscillating between extremely sensitive and borderline traumatized. However, Harry's injury was not the most shocking part of his revelation.

Harry Opens Up About The Remedy He Used

Netizens were left traumatized after the Duke of Sussex opened up about the remedies he used to help ease himself from the discomfort — a cream that he explained was also used by his late mother, Princess Diana.

Cringing Detail About The Remedy 

Harry mentioned his friend had recommended he use the Elizabeth Arden cream. However, he was skeptical and questioned his friend after remembering that Princess Diana used the same product for her lips.

Harry Felt Nostalgic

Harry's friend reassured him the product was effective, and the Duke of Sussex decided to try it out. According to him, as soon as he found the cream and opened it, the smell took him down memory lane.

Harry Proceeds With The Product

The Duke of Sussex revealed that it felt like his mother was with him in the room. Next, he took a smidge of the cream and applied it on his penis before pausing and saying, "down there" in a slightly deeper tone.

Twitter Users Shocked By The Revelation

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Netizens were stunned and couldn't believe what they were hearing. As expected, many trooped to social media to air their thoughts. One user said no mother would like to be present in the room upon application of an eight-hour cream on the penis.

Netizens Share More Thoughts

Another user tweeted that the revelation ruined their day, while a third user commented on the pause before Harry's emphasis on "down there." A fourth user funnily noted that Princess Diana's spirit showed up when she was most needed.

A Fan Is Disappointed By The Revelation

Another Twitter user said they had never wanted to be an Elizabeth Arden cream so badly. However, a disappointed fan apologized to the late Princess of Wales, noting that it was sad to see how King Charles III raised his boys.

Privacy Is Important

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Other netizens believed that some things ought to be kept private. According to a tweep, Harry had been unable to speak his truth since he was born, but the details of the revelation were way out of line.

The Coincidental Promotional Ad

Besides Harry's confessions, social media users also comment on an Elizabeth Arden promotional ad for a hydraulic acid product, coincidentally posted the day before the viral audiobook extract.

Effective For The Cold Days

The brand pointed out the buzz surrounding plumping hydraulic acid in the post, asking netizens if they knew the product was extremely helpful during the colder months.

Users React To The Post

To the brand, it may have been a normal promotional advert, but netizens saw it as trolling the Duke of Sussex. One user asked the brand to confirm if the product would help with a frozen todger like Harry said it would.

More From Harry's Memoir

Prince Harry giving his wife a warning.

In the meantime, fans yet to read the book look forward to some juicy details, including how Harry lost his virginity, shopped for discount clothes, and got into a physical altercation with his brother.