Lisa Marie Presley Frail in Her Final Appearance Before Her Tragic Death

Chisom Ndianefo
Lisa Marie Presley
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Sources confirmed that the late Lisa Marie Presley looked sickly and weak at the Golden Globes on Tuesday, just two days before she passed on. The star and only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley died on Thursday after being placed on temporary life support.

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Presley At The Golden Globes

Lisa Marie Presley
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The 54-year-old attended the Golden Globes red carpet on Tuesday in the company of Jerry Schilling, dressed in an asymmetrical black number paired with bright red lipstick.

Frail Presley

Lisa Marie Presley
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She appeared very weak and leaned in Schilling for support at some point while they granted interview with Extra TV.

Responding To Questions

As the pair answered questions from host Billy Bush, she tucked her arms into Schilling's and even told him, "I'm gonna grab your arm." while she went spoke about the weather in California and Austin Butler's powerful role in Elvis.

Comparing Butler To Elvis

Lisa Marie Presley
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Presley compared Butler to her late father and commended his perfect acting which he managed to execute without making it look too funny.

“It’s kind of done in sort of a funny, joking way, the way [Elvis] spoke, but Austin actually got it and did it perfectly without making it comical.”

Attending In Solidarity

Despite her ill health, the 54-year-old decided to attend the show in honor of her father, who died in 1977 from cardiac arrhythmia at age 42, and also support the 2022 hit film.

Elvis Died From Possible Overdose

Lisa Marie Presley
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A toxicology report which was released a few weeks after Elvis's death showed his blood contained high levels of many prescription drugs.

Fans Noticed Her Stumbling On TikTok

Following a TikTok video shared on Wednesday before her death, Presley was spotted walking with Butler on the carpet and missing her steps, looking desperately in need of support. TikTok users were curious in the comment section.

“What’s wrong with Lisa Marie,” one TikToker asked. “Is Lisa Marie OK?” another curious user wrote.

Her Mother Was By Her Side

Lisa Marie Presley
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Priscilla Presley revealed that she was by her daughter's side when she was rushed to the West Hills Hospital and sought privacy, prayers, and support before she finally passed on.

Sean Maloney stated authorities responded to a distress call from the 5900 block of Normandy Drive in Calabasas at about 10:40 a.m. on Thursday, which involved a woman in cardiac arrest.

Presley's Son Previously Died By Suicide

In July 2020, the star lost her son Benjamin Keough to suicide at 27. She spoke about the painful death in an essay published on People last year and described it as a battle she's had to deal with and blames herself every single day for the unfortunate incident.

"I already battle with and beat myself up tirelessly and chronically, blaming myself every single day, and that's hard enough to now live with, but others will judge and blame you too, even secretly or behind your back which is even more cruel and painful on top of everything else."