Chilling Google Search Made by Husband of Missing Mom Ana Walshe

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More troubling details have begun to surface concerning the days leading up to Ana Walshe's disappearance. A police investigation recently discovered a shocking Google search from her husband.

Alarming Details From Ana's Husband's Google Search

A wife and mother-of-three of Cohasset, Massachusetts resident, Ana Walshe has been missing since January 1st. An investigation has discovered more horrifying details about days before her disappearance—the horrifying details surface from Ana's husband, Brian Walshe's google search.

Inside Brian's Google Search History

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CNN reported some details found by two law enforcement sources. The Google search read, "how to dispose of a 115-pound woman's body." Ana was described by authorities as weighing 115 pounds and being 5'2". According to Fox 25, authorities began a search around dumpsters in Swampscott near Brian's mother's home. One dumpster was taken to a transfer station for additional inspection.

Brian was Arrested For Misleading The Police

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Brian was on house arrest after pleading guilty in a federal case to unlawful monetary transfer and wire fraud. When leaving home, he was required to report his whereabouts. On January 1st, the Massachusetts resident got permission to visit his mother's home. It was the same day Ana got missing.

What Brian Had To Say

Brian claimed he missed his way and instead went to CVS and Whole Foods near her home. However, no surveillance footage or receipt proves that. Ana worked in DC and was supposed to take a ride share to Logan Airport in Boston on January 1st. However, she never boarded a plane.

Ana's Employer Reported Her Missing First

On January 4th, her employer made a missing persons report before her husband. Norfolk First Assistant District Attorney Lynn M. Beland claimed during his arraignment.

Brian's Statement Did Not Add Up

He said on January 2nd, Walshe bought cleaning supplies at a Home Depot worth $450 with surveillance as proof. That was before Ana was reported missing. However, Walshe previously told the police he was out getting ice cream with his son. He is now being held on $500,000 bail.

The Missing Mom's Final Note To Husband Revealed 

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Ana reportedly left a note to her husband during the New Year's Eve party at their home. The message was written in red letters on a bottle of champagne. Ana wished Walshe love, courage, compassion, and joy in 2023. On another side of the box was written, "Gem Ana Brian 2023!"

A Family Friend Shares Some Details Leading Up To Ana's Demise

Gem Mutlu, who is a family friend, previously told CBS Boston of the Walshe's home party. He said Walshe cooked an elaborate meal and said the mood was festive. There was also no indication of problems in the home. Mutlu left Walshe's residence around 1:30 am.

More Information About The Missing Mom's Case

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According to, Walshe left a handwritten note in response to Ana's disappearance. The note was titled, "response to friends." Ana, 39, has been missing since New Year's Day. Walshe told the police she left for a work emergency in Washington DC by 6 am. He also told them she took a rideshare to Boston.

There Was No Record That Ana Left Her Home

However, the couple's passport was still home and there was no record of Ana leaving home. A police report showed her phone pinged continuously from the cell towers near the family home. According to a criminal complaint, a knife and blood were found in the family home's basement by police. Also, a hatchet and bloodied clothes were found in a nearby trash site. 

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