Why Anna Kendrick Reached Out to the Woman Her Ex-Boyfriend Cheated With

Ashabi Azeez
Anna Kendrick
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Anna Kendrick has opened up about a once bleak past within which she tried to navigate a toxic relationship, and a cheating scandal. The Pitch Perfect actress joined fellow star Dax Shepard on his Armchair Expert podcast where she shared her past relationship issues.

She Once Dealt With A Cheating Partner

According to the Noelle star, she was since in a relationship that rocked her world. While withholding the name of her ex-partner, Kendrick recalled how she happened upon a year-long text between her ex and the woman he cheated with. The A Simple Favor star noted that everything came crashing down from then on.

He Initially Denied It

Before seeing the telling text messages, Kendrick shared how she confronted her then-partner, and he vehemently denied it. She recalled, "He is screaming at me, ‘It was [a] passing crush, you’re so insecure, I never saw a relationship with this girl, I even told my best friend I never saw a relationship with this girl.’” 

Kendrick Recalled A Second Denial

Anna Kendrick
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After she came across the text messages that included outlandish sexual utterances, the 37-year-old stated that she once again confronted her partner, and he denied it the second time. He also claimed that he did not know what she was talking about.

The Actress Reached Out To the Woman

Choosing to keep her name away from the media, Kendrick also talked about the woman her ex was seeing. Per Us Weekly, she explained how she had emailed the young lady to loop her into the drama. The movie star recalled how she informed the lady that she knew what was going on. She went on to note that it was not the young lady's fault as she left the fault at her ex's "doorstep."

Kendrick Got Closure

Anna Kendrick
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The actress who has also mentioned going through emotional abuse, explained that she told the lady she could speak to her if they were ever in the same room. Kendrick also told her she was willing to listen if the other woman wanted to talk. In response, the lady asked to call Kendrick and they went on to speak for about an hour. The lady apologized and Kendrick noted that this helped her get closure.

Kendrick Was Going To Start A Family With Her Ex

In another part of her chat on the Armchair Expert podcast, Kendrick recalled how she planned to start a family amid a toxic relationship. She noted that "for all intent and purposes, the unidentified fellow was her "husband."

The Alice, Darling actress recalled creating embryos with her ex-partner, and six years into their relationship, she noticed something was different. Kendrick recalled that it got so bad, she remembered telling her brother that she was living with a stranger.

There Was A Personality Shift

She noticed a change in his attitude and he would later make it known that he fell in love with someone else. The resulting effect of the news made Kendrick self-sabotage. She shared that despite learning this, she continued to work on the relationship often going for couple therapy, but he never changed.

She Went All Out To Keep the Relationship Going

Anna Kendrick
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Kendrick thought she was an "awful" person because someone who loved her for six years suddenly fell out of love. The award-winning actress shared that she "dismantled" her life just so things could work out. The Up in the Air actress shared that she took a break from work, and started seeing two therapists a week while learning how to meditate.

Her Story Resonates With Her Most Recent Movie

Last year in September, Kendrick revealed that the movie, Alice, Darling was a mirror of what she went through. She stated that she had been coming out of a personal experience connected to emotional and psychological abuse when she came across the screenplay. According to the Into The Woods actress, her representative sent it to her because he felt she could relate. Kendrick ultimately described her past toxic relationship as a situation where she "loved and trusted" her partner more than she trusted herself.