Moms Behaving Badly: Rude Disney Mom Pushes Her Way to the Front of the Line

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Some people feel they are entitled to do whatever they want to do. A Disney mom recently thought it was okay to bypass those in line at a Disney-themed park. She was criticized by a lot of Reddit users for being a bad example to her child.

A Mom Visited The Disney Theme Park With Her Child

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The Mom Gots Criticized For Skipping The Long Line

Everyone knows there is always a line at Disney-themed parks. However, a mom thought she was better than everyone else on the line. A 40-second video shared on Reddit by the user @trashofagirl has gone viral. The video started with a woman sitting in a cart on Disney's Alice In Wonderland-themed ride. The woman sat on the cart with her child clutched to her side. Later, she got up and quickly headed to the exit. A few seconds later, she returned without her child and started arguing with those who opposed her action.

A lot of commenters criticized the woman for her rude behavior. Others used the opportunity to share similar experiences. A commenter shared his experience at Canada's wonderland. A woman had tried to cut in front of him and his girlfriend. She did that by climbing over the barriers and bushes to push them back. When she was called out for her behavior, she acted like they were to be blamed. 

Another commenter shared his experience on a tram. He and his then-girlfriend were waiting in line back to the parking lot. A woman with a stroller then cuts in and shoves his girlfriend. He called her back requesting she wait in line but she shouted if he had children. Unfortunately, the employees let the woman go through. 

While some commenters criticized the woman for being rude, others sympathized with her child. A lot of commenters were upset that the woman was with her child during the incident. They thought about how the child must be regularly exposed to such rude behavior.

One commenter shared that kids are aware when they have a garbage parent. Another wrote that they felt sad for the child. They wrote about how sad it will be for the child to grow up with such a mother. They further said they are unsure if the woman even treats her child well. Another commenter suggested booing be made more public. This will enhance the booing of people who feel more entitled than others. 

A Redditor Labeled Her Reaction As Lazy Parenting

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The Woman's Reaction Was Not Something Her Child Should Have Seen

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The Disney Mom Was Entitled

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