Woman Claims She's an 'Investment': Why Boyfriend Pays All the Bills

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Every relationship has its own "Modus Operandi." For Hannah and her boyfriend, the only way for their arrangement to work is if he pays 100% of all the bills while she looks after the house and gives him the necessary moral support.

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Hannah Chan's Traditional Approach

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This 27-year-old is taking the traditional approach to her relationships as she strongly believes a man should be the sole provider.

'An Investment'

Chan believes she's an "investment" and would treat her boyfriend to housework and smoothies after a long day of working to meet the financial demands of running the house.

A Realization

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Well, her decision didn't "just happen." Chan realized her preferences when she started dating men who weren't so assertive and couldn't take the lead in a relationship.

A Career-Driven Woman In Need Of A Provider

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The 27-year-old described herself as a goal-driven woman who discovered she needed someone who could control and assume the role of a provider in her life.

The Perfect Match

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Ed Reay, a 22-year-old business owner entered into the picture in May 2021, and they immediately hit it off when they realized their values aligned. Reay flew in from Vancouver, Canada to meet with Hannah in July 2021 and once they began a proper relationship, he finally moved to London to be with her.

Ed Took Charge

As their relationship progressed, Reay took over the financial responsibilities which includes paying all the bills, holiday vacations, and even dates.

Hannah's Duty

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Chan fulfills her own end of the bargain by giving value back to the romantic arrangement in the form of home care and moral support. He makes Reay feel relaxed and supported in the house.

"After meeting Ed, he told me he wanted to provide for me. We have a 100/100 relationship - he provides financially, and I give him 100 percent when it comes to support and love and little things like bringing him a smoothie after a stressful day.

No Right, No Wrong

The 27-year-old revealed there's no manual to running a relationship and no right or wrong. The most important thing is that the values of the individuals involved align and grow from there.

Hannah The House Manager

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Hannah quickly discovered Ed's readiness to be the provider in their love story and she stepped up by ensuring Ed doesn't need to worry about managing the home front.

"I’ll sort the cleaner and do the cooking and food shopping."

Ed Doesn't Value Money!

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According to Chan, money isn't the most important in the world to Ed. Instead, he's content with being supported, loved, and looked after. She revealed he makes the majority of their plans and pays for holidays.

"He thinks of me as an investment as I’ve supported him, and it’s meant he now makes three times what he used to earn."

Creating A Balance

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The 27-year-old has also realized there's more to her than how much she earns and has found a balance between working hard and enjoying the goodies of life.

Hannah Works Three Hours A Day

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Chan revealed she works three hours a day because she has a passion for what she does and doesn't see being successful as a way to live life anymore.

Ed Loves Being The Provider

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Well, Ed doesn't seem to mind his role as it claims it gives him a sense of "responsibility and meaning to life." He loves being able to spoil the one he loves and doesn't think everything revolves around lots of money.

Gushing About Hannah

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The 22-year-old had sweet things to say about his girlfriend as she pushed him to work harder and keep him on track toward being a better person.

"In our relationship I see it as the man's job to provide the house and the woman's to make the home."
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