First Date Disaster: Man Records His Date Roasting Him for Taking Her to Applebee’s

Ashley Hunte
A user films his date asking him why he took her to Applebee's.
TikTok | @luckyyyyluciano1

The dating world can be incredibly tricky to navigate. You might swipe through tons of profiles just to finally find someone to talk to, only to realize that they're wasting your time.

But what if you're the one wasting someone else's time? A TikToker who goes by @luckyyyyluciano1 encountered a woman who berated him for taking her to Applebee's for their first date. So, he decided to record it and post it online, and the video went absolutely viral.

The Video Opens With The Date Asking How Much Money The User Makes.

The man stealthily records his date.
TikTok | @luckyyyyluciano1

"I just want to come out from the get-go to tell you... I'm not a gold digger or anything but I just don't go out with broke boys," she says, prompting the user to tell her that he makes good money.

She Then Begins To Berate His Restaurant Choice.

She never wants him to take her to Applebee's again.
TikTok | @luckyyyyluciano

"Applebee's is not acceptable," she continues. "I'm high-end."

The Video, Uploaded In October, Went Viral.

Thousands of users took to the comments to debate the date's opinions. Most of the commenters didn't appreciate her materialistic attitude.

Commenters Told The User To Get Out Of There.

Users felt he should've left.
TikTok | @luckyyyyluciano1

Many users commented on how the man in the video should've just left the date at that moment.

Some Laughed At The Video's Content.

Users found the video funny.
TikTok | @luckyyyyluciano1

Many thought it was comical how the date claimed not to be a gold digger but went on to discuss how she was "high-end."

Other's Called Her Behavior A "Red Flag."

Users thought this was a red flag.
TikTok | @luckyyyyluciano1

There were many users who felt that the date's emphasis on money while on the first date was a huge red flag, and cautioned the TikToker not to have a second.

Some Even Thought The TikToker Should've Been Petty.

Users were a little petty.
TikTok | @lukyyyyluciano1

Some thought that the user should've split the bill with his date, while others even thought that she should've paid for the whole meal.

And Of Course, Many Thought It Had To Be Fake.

Others thought it had to be fake.
TikTok | @luckyyyyluciano1

With any viral video comes accusations of a staged or fake scenario. This TikTok was no exception.

The Next Day, The User Posted An Update.

In a follow-up TikTok, the user shared a conversation he had with the date, who wasn't happy about the fact that he filmed her and posted it to the app.

She Stated That There Wouldn't Be A Second Date.

The user shares a text exchange with "Savage Girl."
TikTok | @luckyyyyluciano1

The woman was not happy with the number of people on the internet judging her. "It's not my fault all those broke guys are mad in the comments. And those girls that are happy with a $5 burger," she wrote.

Surprisingly, There Ended Up Being A Second Date.

A few days after the text exchange, the user uploaded a part 2, showing a second date between himself and "Ms. High End."

The Date Claims That The User Owes Her Money.

The user has a second date with the same woman.
TikTok | @luckyyyyluciano1

The date claims that the TikToker owes her a check, despite the fact that he doesn't get paid for having a viral TikTok. She then tells him to pay up unless he wants her to take legal action for recording without her permission.

At This Point, More Users Suspect That The TikTok Is Fake.

Users are convinced it's fake.
TikTok | @luckyyyyluciano1

While still entertained, users begin to believe that the woman in the TikTok is likely already in a relationship with the user.

But That Doesn't Stop Him From Posting Yet Another Video With Her.

Later on in the month, the user posts a TikTok in which they are at a car dealership. The woman spends most of the video berating her date for not opting for a luxury car.

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