Danny Masterson To Be Retried on Charges Following Deadlocked Jury

Chukwudi Onyewuchi
Danny Masterson in court during trial

Recent reports have revealed that Danny Masterson will be undergoing a second trial on sexual assault charges. The decision came after a jury failed to reach a verdict by the required voting margin during his first trial. Let's take a closer look at the details of the intriguing story.

Who Is Danny Masterson?

Danny is best known as an American actor. He gained worldwide recognition when he appeared as Steven Hyde in That '70s show. Afterward, he added more acting credits to his name, starring as Milo Foster in Men at Work and Jameson "Rooster" Bennett in The Ranch.

Inside Danny's Rape Charges

On June 17, 2020, Danny was arrested and charged with three counts of rape after allegedly sexually assaulting three women at his home in Hollywood Hills between 2001 and 2003. Each alleged victim claimed to have crossed paths with the actor at the Church of Scientology.

Inside An Alleged Victim's Experience

One of the accusers said she became gravely ill after consuming a beverage Danny offered at his home. Afterward, he allegedly proceeded to take advantage of her in his bathroom. She also claimed that Danny brandished a handgun during the assault.

The Jury Was Deadlocked

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Danny denied the allegations despite all the testimonies, pleading not guilty in court. A series of court appearances followed, and eventually, in November 2022, the jury was deadlocked. Most jury members leaned towards acquitting Danny with votes of 10-2, 8-4, and 7-5 on the charges.

The Prosecution Push For A Retrial

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However, the prosecution was unsatisfied with the jury's decision. Speaking to the court, Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller explained that the prosecution decided to retry the case, adding that the jury ignored glaring evidence and testimonies.

More Reasons Why A Second Trial Should Hold

According to Mueller, not giving the victims another chance to present their cases in front of another jury that could sit and consider all the evidence would be an act of injustice on their part. On the other hand, the defense requested a case dismissal.

The Defense Oppose The Prosecution

According to Defense Attorney Philip Cohen, it was unlikely that any jury would unanimously vote to convict. He added that the first jury thoroughly examined the evidence, and no new findings would change the outcome.

Judge Charlaine Agrees To A Second Trial

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However, the judge, Charlaine Olmedo, denied the defense's request. According to Charlaine, the defense attorney's arguments about a future jury's decision were speculative and unsupported by facts. The judge further noted that new witnesses could arise, possibly affecting the outcome of the retrial.

Alleged Victims Open Up About The Second Trial

Next, Judge Charlaine set the jury selection for the second trial on March 29. Meanwhile, two of the accusers have opened up about the prosecution's decision to have a retrial. In a statement, the pair, identified as Jane Doe 2 and Jane Doe 3, said they were happy Danny would not escape criminal accountability.

They Are Willing To Participate

In addition, they noted that despite suffering harassment and intimidation for years, they were ready to partake in the second trial as much as the prosecution wanted and testify about the actor's behavior.

The Victims Are No Longer Members Of The Church Of Scientology

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The alleged victims said that after Danny's status as an actor made him feel entitled to sexually assaulting women, they were finally at peace as justice could be served. Meanwhile, the women have since left the Church of Scientology for fear of being excommunicated.