'Sister Wives' ' Robyn Brown: It 'Feels Disrespectful' to Bring in More Wives After Kody's Splits

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Robyn Brown of Sister Wives
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The last couple of months has seen some intriguing drama in the TLC series Sister Wives. A few months after parting ways with one of his four wives in November, Polygamist Kody Brown said goodbye to two more marriages. His only remaining wife, Robyn Brown, has spoken candidly about the possibility of living monogamously with her husband. Find out more below.

Robyn Talks About Monogamy

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On Sunday, TLC aired the final episode of the series's One-On-One special. In the episode, Robyn opened up about what the future possibly holds for her and Kody's marriage as regards polygamy. While the reality TV star envisioned herself living happily in a polygamous home, she noted that her husband said no to bringing in another wife.

Robyn Is Not Backing Down

However, Robyn said she wasn't backing down and would try to convince Kody to get another wife, but she was really scared about it. According to her, Kody's three failed marriages were enough reasons for her to be skeptical about being interested in bringing in new wives.

Robyn's Reasons For Being Scared

In her words per People:

"I really really struggle with it because it feels like, 'Oh, well. Those didn't work. So on to someone new.' That's hard for me. It feels disrespectful."

Robyn Has Always Desired Polygamy

In addition, regarding seeing herself living a monogamous life with her husband, Robyn said she struggled with the idea. For the reality TV star, monogamy was not the future she wanted, as she always envisioned herself with a large family around her. As a result, she didn't know how to let such an idea go.

Kody's Reason For Refusing Polygamy

As earlier stated, Kody might be pressing the brakes on having another wife. During the episode, he revealed he was on the verge of not being a polygamous man anymore because of what he had endured in his marriages.

Christine Agreed To Kody's Thoughts

Similarly, the reality TV star's ex-wife Christine could not agree any less as she relayed that her ex-husband no longer possessed the capacity to be polygamous. Instead, she advised Kody to forge down a path of monogamy with Robyn, his soul mate.

Christine Talks More About Her Kody And Robyn

Further speaking about Kody and Robyn, Christine stated that a part of the duo will always be sad that the idea of a big family did not work out. She finished by explaining that she didn't see Kody and Robyn looking for another wife after everything that had happened in the family.

Why Did Kody's Marriages End?

Many fans know little about what could have caused Kody's marriages to fail, but Robyn has a different opinion. In the episode, she called out Christine and Janelle (another of Kody's ex-wives), accusing them of making choices that impacted the future of their relationships.

Robyn Shares Deeper Details

Robyn said the duo rejected Kody affection-wise. She said they handed him over to her, saying they had no intention of spending time with him. With such things, Robyn said Kody couldn't see that he was appreciated. No one can tell if Robyn's words are true, but fans have to wait to see what will unfold in the family.