Michelle Yeoh Steals the Show at Golden Globes: ‘Shut Up’

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Michelle Yeoh
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Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh playfully tells Golden Globes to "Shut Up." Yeoh won Best Actress at the Golden Globes on January 10th, 2023. The star did not allow her speech to be cut off during the award.

Yeoh Clapped Back At Golden Globes During Speech

Yeoh won the Best Actress award for her explicit role in the comedy, Everything Everything All At Once. The trophy was handed to the actress by presenter Ana de Armas. The Crouching Tiger actress shared she was going to embrace the moment. "Forty years, not letting go of this." The actress then explained her journey to Hollywood sharing that it was a dream come true. 

She Spoke About A Core Moment In Her Career

Michelle Yeoh
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Yeoh was first told she was a minority and was asked if she spoke English. The Kung Fu Panda 2 actress continued that opportunities get smaller with the years. When she wanted to give up after a good run, an opportunity came up with Everything Everything All At Once. Per Deadline, after the star actress said that, the music started playing to signal her to end her speech. Then the actress jokingly clapped back, "Shut up, please. I can beat you up, OK?" 

Her Passionate Speech About "Everything Everything All At Once"

After clapping back at Golden Globes for trying to interrupt her speech, Yeoh continued. The Crazy Rich Asians actress expressed her gratitude to directors Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan. She thanked them for their courage to write such a storyline.

The Significance Of Yeoh's Award-winning Role

Michelle Yeoh
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The actress explained her character in Everything Everything All At Once resonated with her and other women who are always fighting for their families just like her character. The actress ended her speech with a dedication of the award to the shoulders she stands on. Also, to those who look like her, came before her, and are going forward on the journey with her.

Yeoh Talks About Being A Movie Star At 60

The 60-year-old actress talked about her age and career in a recent interview with Seth Doane for CBS Sunday Morning. The actress revealed she was amazed to be cast at the point she is in her career. The actress shared that as people get older, they are viewed by their age, not their capabilities.

On Her Role In 'Everything Everything All At Once'

Yeoh's role in Everything Everything All At Once demanded physical strength. It also required navigation through comedy and drama. The actress grew emotional as she talked about the trust the directors had in her.

She Shared Her Fears

The Hidden Dragon actress had feared that her career would slow down or end as she aged. However, the validation by directors Scheinert and Kwan changed everything.

About Yeoh's Past Decision Concerning Her Acting Career

Michelle Yeoh
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The Last Christmas actress also talked about how she stepped back from her career in 1988. The actress did that after getting married to producer Dickson Poon. She had the intention of focusing on motherhood. When Yeoh discovered she could not have kids, she left the marriage.

She Made The Decision For The Sake Of Her Family

She explained the decision was made because it was a family that needed children. Making that choice was devastating to Yeoh. Now she has godchildren who she takes as her extended family. She later fell in love with Jean Todt who is a french motor racer executive. They have been romantic partners since 2004.