Vacation Gone Wrong: Four Stabbed at North Carolina Vacation Rental

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What began as a night of happiness at an AirBnb in Madison County, North Carolina, ended with four people almost losing their lives. Reports revealed that the four victims were found with stab wounds while the suspected perpetrators have been taken into police custody. Here are the details.

The Events Of That Day

At about 3:20 am on the fateful day, the authorities responded to a call about a reported stabbing at a rental home in North Carolina. Upon arrival at the location, the police officers saw four injured people with multiple stab wounds.

Six People Were Arrested

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According to Madison County Sheriff Buddy Harwood, the victims were rushed to the nearest medical facility. Meanwhile, six others, Jay Caleb Bell, Daniel Mansilla-Perea, Richard Vincent, Cassi Dean, Christopher Lyn, and Jodi Michelle, were arrested and charged.

Details Of Jay's Charges

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Jay was charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury with intent to kill, and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. He was also charged with possession of marijuana, felony possession of schedule two cocaine, and felony possession of schedule one psilocybin mushrooms.

What Was Daniel Charged With?

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Like Jay, Daniel was also charged with felony possession of schedule one psilocybin mushrooms, felony possession of schedule two cocaine, and possession of marijuana.

The Others Received Similar Charges

According to the police, Richard, Cassi, Jodi, and Christopher bagged the same charges. While Jay was identified as one of the culprits in stabbing the victims, the identity of the other culprit remained unknown. Also, the police could not tell if the drugs played a part in the stabbing.

The Individuals Involved Were On Vacation

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Deputies revealed that all ten individuals involved were on vacation in Madison County, 150 miles northwest of Charlotte near the Tennessee border, adding that it was an isolated incident. They also revealed they were unaware if everyone involved stayed in the same rental home.

The Police Will Receive Help

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Meanwhile, the Madison County Sheriff's Office and the North Carolina Police Department will not be the only ones to handle the investigation. According to Sheriff Harwood, The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations will assist.

Airbnb Shares Thoughts On The Incident

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In a statement to WLOS, Airbnb noted their safety team was investigating the incident and taking action to remove the guest who booked the reservation from the platform.

The Rental Home Offers Support

The home rental organization also made it clear that they were providing support for the host. In the statement, Airbnb also explained they had reached out to Sheriff Harwood to offer their support with the Madison County Sheriff's Office's investigation.

Another Rental Home Disaster

Sadly, the Madison County stabbing incident isn't the first rental home tragedy recorded in the last five months. Three people were shot during a large teen party at a rental home near Houston, Texas, a few months ago.

Three People Were Injured

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According to reports, about 200 people, with teenagers in the majority, were gathered for a homecoming after-party when gunfire erupted that night. Upon arrival at the location, the authorities found three victims, two teenagers, and one adult.

The Victims' Conditions

The injured were immediately rushed to the nearest medical facility for treatment. Thankfully, the teenagers, said to be 16 and 17 years old, eventually became stable, but the age and condition of the third victim remained under wraps.

The Culprit Escaped

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At the time, no one was arrested concerning the crime as one suspect, accused of opening fire, escaped the scene in an unidentified vehicle.

More Details On The Case 

Immediately, the authorities launched an investigation, asking for help from anyone with information. A few months after the incident, it remains unknown if the culprit was eventually arrested and charged.

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